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11 Glorious Facts about Gin

Gin is one of the world’s most popular alcoholic spirits. Not usually drank neat, but with a tonic or as part of a cocktail – Here’s 11 interesting and fun facts about gin:

  1. Gin is a clear alcoholic spirit, traditionally made from juniper berries and has a very piney and biting taste.
  2. The origins of gin are unclear, but in 17th Century Holland it was sold in chemists as a medicine to treat stomach complaints.
  3. It was also given to Dutch soldiers before going in to battle, hence the term “Dutch courage”.

fun facts about gin

  1. Up until the 1970s, British navy officers received a daily ration of gin. Ordinary sailors received a daily tot of rum.
  2. Gin was known as Mother’s Milk in the early 1800s but later became known as Mother’s Ruin…
  3. These days gin is commonly used in cocktails and mixers – the most famous include Negroni, Vesper (James Bond’s favourite tipple), Singapore Sling, and of course, gin and tonic.
  1. Gin and Tonic was born in India during the 19th Century in a bid to prevent malaria.  Gin was added to tonic to make it taste less bitter.
  2. The people of the Philippines drink more gin (per person) than any other country.

Gin Facts

  1. James Bond’s drink, The Vesper, contains gin, vodka, vermouth and a twist of lemon.  Shaken, not stirred of course.
  2. Gin is one of the least calorific alcoholic drinks you can choose, with just 54 calories per shot (25ml).
  3. Did you know, there’s a World Gin Day? It’s celebrated each year on the second Saturday in June!

Do you have any fun or interesting facts about gin that we’ve not covered?  Share them here in the comments section below!

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