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15 Comprehensive Facts about Coca Cola

Whether you prefer Pepsi, Coke, or swear off the stuff altogether, it’s safe to say that Coca Cola is a global phenomenon. The famous red cans – and even more famous red lorries – are staples across the West and have even started emerging all over the world in recent decades.

Love it or hate it, Coke appears to be here to stay. Here are a few interesting facts about Coca-Cola and the brand which might surprise you.

  1. Coca Cola owns more than just its signature drink. In fact, it’s thought that it would likely take you up to nine years to drink all their global types – at a rate of a different beverage a day!
  2. Coca Cola is, of course, in competition with Pepsi. In 2010, they actually made less money than their rivals – but they made more money from soft drinks alone.
  3. It’s thought that Coke is worth more than some major fast food chains in terms of its main brand. It was recently valued at more than $83 billion.

coca cola facts

  1. Coke’s global reach is easy to underestimate. It’s thought that only North Korea and Cuba are Coca Cola free at this point in time.
  2. Who drinks more Coca Cola than any other nation? You’d be surprised. It’s Mexico! It’s thought that Mexicans will averagely consume over 700 Coke owned products every year.
  3. Coca Cola is responsible for around 3.1% of all beverages drunk around the world.
  1. Studies show that only 6% of people all over the world cannot recognise the famous Coca Cola logo.
  2. Coca Cola – yes – used to contain cocaine. The average Coke back in the early days was thought to have around 9mg of the substance per bottle. However, by 1903, cocaine had vanished from the recipe completely.
  3. Coca Cola’s leading drink is, of course, incredibly sugary. It’s thought that the average can of Coke had around 3g of sugar per serving. That’s nearly ten teaspoons of the stuff!

Coca Cola Facts

  1. It’s thought, on average, a person consumes a Coca Cola product once every four days.
  2. Coca Cola is also famous for its intensive advertising and marketing budgets. So much so, that they have outstripped big corporations such as Apple by three times the expense.
  3. There’s a reason why the six-packs of Coke started emerging in the 1930s – it was to encourage people to buy and therefore drink more of the stuff! Since then, 12 packs have emerged as the standard!

Facts about Coca Cola Coke

  1. All in all, it’s thought there are around 33 different soft drink brands which make more than $1 billion a year. Coke owns just less than half of them, responsible for 15 of the drinks. These include Sprite, Fanta and Powerade.
  2. Around 10,000 Coca Cola owned drinks are consumed each second, each day, all over the world.
  3. The company claims that they have ownership over the second easiest to understand word or phrase worldwide. They aren’t big enough to win out over the word ‘ok’, however!

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