Facts about King Solomon

15 Regal Facts about King Solomon

King Solomon is one of the most famous men of the ancient world, but just how much do you know about him today? Let’s take a whistle-stop tour of some of the most amazing facts about him so that you can impress just about anyone with your newfound knowledge.

  1. King Solomon built Jerusalem’s first temple.
  2. He was the son of the famous King David.
  3. And the result of an affair his father had with Bathsheba.
  4. His wisdom is what the bible chiefly remembers him for.
  5. King Solomon ruled for just over 40 years.
  6. This period was so prosperous it was known as the “The Golden Age”.
  7. King Saul and King David also ruled for 40 years.
  8. He would become king of all Israel at the tender age of 20.
  9. He was born in Jerusalem in 990 BC.
  10. He died just before his 60th birthday.
  11. The King’s main entry in the bible is The Judgement of Solomon.
  12. This is where he famously ruled between two mothers claiming to be a child’s mother.
  13. He suggested they cut the baby in two to highlight the damage their outlook was causing.
  14. It is estimated that in today’s money he would have a fortune in excess of $2 trillion!
  15. When he died of natural causes his son, Rehoboam, took the throne and unwittingly became embroiled in a civil war.

Do you know any fun, interesting or strange facts about King Solomon that we’ve not mentioned?  Share them here in the comments section below!

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