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12 Sassy Facts about San Juan

Like to know more about the capital cities of the world and increase your chances of being crowned the next quiz champion? Take a look at these fun facts about San Juan!

1. Where is San Juan?

San Juan is the capital city of Puerto Rico.

2. Learn the phonetics!

Wondering how to say the name of this wonderful city? It’s pronounced San hwahn.

3. It’s truly huge!

The total land area of San Juan is 876 square miles (2,269 square kilometers)…that’s larger than Greater London. It also makes it Puerto Rico’s largest city.

4. However, it’s actually pretty sparse.

San Juan’s population was 335,468 in 2019 – that’s around 1/27th of the population of Greater London and gives it a population density of around 410 residents per square mile.

5. Not too far for a dip!

San Juan is located just 26 ft above sea level.

6. What are the people here called?

Residents of San Juan are known as Sanjuaneros.

7. It’s pretty warm out here!

Sanjuaneros enjoy a tropical monsoon climate with rain throughout much of the year, an average annual temperature of 80°F, a record high of 98°C and a record low of 60°F!

8. How to find San Juan with a compass!

Looking to fly yourself to San Juan? You’ll need the coordinates of 18.4500° N, 66.0667° W.

9. There’s some brilliant history here.

Make sure you visit Old San Juan if you’re in San Juan; as the name suggests, it’s the old part of the city and also happens to be the oldest settlement in Puerto Rico and a UNESCO World Heritage Site! It’s full of beautifully colorful homes, some of which date back to 1521!

10. What do people speak in San Juan?

The official languages of San Juan are Spanish and English.

11. Time to change the change!

United States Dollar is the official currency here.

12. It’s a big tourist resort.

Puerto Rico welcomed 3,200,000 tourists into the country in 2013, many of whom visited San Juan for its stunning beaches, rich history and sophisticated-yet-lively, nightlife.

San Juan street scene

FAQs about San Juan

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  • Becky says:

    The cobblestone (Adoquines) streets of Old San Juan are blue stone cast from furnace slag which were brought over on Spanish ships as ballasts. The characteristic blue color comes from age and moisture.

  • Rachel Frampton says:

    My sister and I would like to visit Puerto Rico where can do snorkeling, and visit the lovely city of San Juan. Well. It’s great to learn that this city is larger than London. Thank you for sharing here as well that San Juan is one of the oldest cities, and that is why it’s rich in culture.

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