Interesting facts about Swaziland

🇸🇿 17 Spectacular Facts about Swaziland

Looking to boost your knowledge of the world and improve your chances of being crowned the next pub quiz champion? Why not start with these 17 fun facts about Swaziland!

  1. Swaziland is a small landlocked monarchy in Southern Africa and happens to be the smallest country in Africa.
  2. In 2018, to mark the country’s 50th birthday, King Mswati III declared that Swaziland would now be known as the Kingdom of eSwatini.
  3. It is bordered by Mozambique to the east and South Africa to the south-east, south, west and north.
  4. The coordinates for the Kingdom of eSwatimi are 26.3167° S, 31.1333°
Flag of Eswatini

Flag of Eswatini

  1. The terrain here is mostly mountainous and hilly with a few sloping plains. Lovely!
  2. The total land area of Eswatini is 6,704 square miles (17,363 square kilometers).
  3. Residents here enjoy a tropical to near temperate climate. Sounds perfect to us!
  4. Swaziland’s population was only 1.16 million in 2020.
  1. Rather unusually, Swaziland has two capitals! They are Mbabane (administrative) and Lobamba (royal and legislative) and have a population of 282,734 and 25,968 respectively.
  2. The average life span here is 60.19 years (2019).
  3. Swaziland is one of the few remaining absolute monarchies, meaning it does not have any political parties and is ruled by one person – King Mswati III.
  4. The official language of Swaziland is Swazi; but fear not, because English is also widely spoken!
facts about Eswatini

Swaziland National Park, Eswatini

  1. Lilangeni is the official currency here which is equal to the South African Rand.
  2. Swaziland grows sugarcane, corn, tobacco and cotton and rears cattle.
  3. Its industry consists of wood pulp, coal mining, sugar and soft drink concentrates.
  4. Swaziland exports soft drink concentrates, sugar, cotton yarn and wood pulp.
  5. The international dialling code for this African country is +268.

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