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🇷🇸 16 Super Fun Facts about Serbia

Increase your chances of being crowned the next pub quiz team winners by learning these 16 super fun facts about Serbia!

  1. Serbia is a mountainous country in South-East Europe.
  2. Hungary is on the northern border whilst Romania and Bulgaria sit to the east, Macedonia to the South-East, Albania to the South-West and Croatia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina to the west.
  3. It has a total area of 34,116 square miles (88,361 square kilometers).
Flag of Serbia

Flag of Serbia

  1. The coordinates for Serbia are 44.8000° N, 20.4667°
  2. Serbia’s population was 6.908 million in 2020.
  3. The capital is Belgrade which has an area of 1,244 square miles (3,223 square kilometers) and a population of 1.374 million (2016).
  1. The average life span here is 75.69 (2019).
  2. The currency of Serbia is the Serbian Dinar.
  3. Nearly 95% of the world’s top quality raspberries come from Serbia!
  4. Did you know that the Serbians started making watches 600 years before the Swiss!

interesting facts about Serbia

  1. Serbia is home to Europe’s largest gorge, the Djerdap Gorge. It’s an incredible 62 miles (100 kilometers) long and also boasts one of the greatest river depths in the world at an incredible 82 meters!
  2. Serbia has one official language… drum roll… Serbian!
  3. Serbia produces fruits, vegetables, cereals, tobacco and cattle.
  4. Their industry consists of, consumer goods, machine building, metallurgy and mining…
  5. …and exports manufactured goods, food and raw materials.
  6. Want to call family or friends in Serbia?  You’ll need to use the international dialling code +381.

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