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19 Crazy Facts about Colour

Colours are a vital part of life. They are also everywhere. As such, people think they understand them. But that isn’t completely true. There are plenty of fascinating facts to colours that would blow the minds of most people if they ever heard them, for instance:

Medical facts about colour

  1. Of all the colours, red has the longest wavelength. For this reason, it is the first colour babies see. This can happen at two weeks old.
  2. People who are colour blind see better at night than individuals with ordinary sight. According to the US Army, they can even perceive camouflage colors which makes them better equipped to spot hidden enemies.
  3. Pink is popular in prisons and mental health centers because the colour has a calming effect. It has a way of extinguishing anger and anxiety in people.

fun facts about colour

  1. Women and men don’t see colours the same way. Women can perceive more colours. To be more specific, they can differentiate between similar colours. They tend to perceive more detail. To women, red can be burgundy or crimson. To men, it’s just red.
  2. There is such a thing as the fear of colours. It is called Chromophobia. It can sometimes manifest in people who associate a traumatic event with a particular colour.
  3. Mosquitoes have an affinity for blue. Technically, they love dark colours in general. But they tend to favour blue above all else.
  4. Colours are not real. What you perceive as colour is merely the brain’s attempt at making sense of the signals it is receiving from the world around you.

Myths about colour

  1. The colour red does not enrage bulls. In fact, they are colour blind. Bulls are drawn to the movement. A bull is just as likely to charge at purple or pink or blue.
  2. Some people think that ‘orange‘ fruit was named after the color. But the opposite is true. Before the orange fruit entered the picture, ‘Geoluhread’ was the term associated with the colour orange.
  3. Yes, as some of you have probably heard, the Sun is actually white. Our perception of its light through the atmosphere of the Earth makes it appear yellow.

Colour Facts

  1. As with the flags they wave, Matadors don’t wear red capes to enrage the bull. They do so because bullfighting ends violently. The cape is supposed to hide the blood splatters.
  2. Today, it is generally accepted that pink is a colour for girls while blue is for boys. But in the early 1900s, the opposite was true. To many people, blue was a delicate colour whereas pink was bold and strong. Hence, pink was for boys while blue went to the girls.
  3. There are people who dream in black and white. But these are individuals who grew up watching monochrome TV.

Random facts

  1. It takes up to 20% more anaesthesia to put a redhead to sleep.
  2. Blue is the most popular colour in the world followed by purple.
  3. White cars are the safest vehicles on the road because they are the most visible.
  4. To chickens, the colour red is soothing. It helps them sleep better.
  5. There is an anti-rape straw that changes colour when it comes into contact with drugs that rapists normally sneak into people’s drinks.
  6. Even though horses have the largest eyes of any mammal on land, they can only see two colours.

Do you know any interesting facts about colour that we’ve not mentioned? Share them here in the comments section below.

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