interesting facts about Denmark

15 Delightful Facts about Denmark

Looking to increase your knowledge of Europe and boost your chances on quiz night? Here’s some fun facts about Denmark…

1. Denmark is actually a collection of islands.

Denmark is an archipelago consisting of around 406 islands and islets surrounding the mainland in Northern Europe.

It is bordered only by Germany to the south. It also has a coastline along the North Sea to the west and north, and the Baltic Sea to the east.

2. It’s easy enough to find Denmark.

The coordinates for Denmark are 55.7200° N, 12.5700°

3. Denmark is easy enough to traverse.

The terrain here is mostly low and flat with some gently rolling plains. Perfect for long strolls or bike rides!

Flag of Denmark

The Danish Flag

4. It might be bigger than you think!

The total land area of Denmark is 16,640 square miles (43,098 square kilometers).

5. How many people live in Denmark?

Denmark’s population was 5.806 million in 2019.

6. The people here are great!

Residents here are known as ‘Danes’ or ‘Danish’.

7. What’s the capital of Denmark?

The capital city is Copenhagen, which covers an area of 34.1 square miles (88.3 square kilometers) and has a population of 602,481 (2017).

8. Life expectancy here is very healthy.

The average life span here is 77 years.

9. The weather in Denmark never gets too warm.

The climate in Denmark is temperate, with mostly humid and overcast weather. The Danish enjoy mild, windy winters and cool summers.

On average, there are around 170 days of rain in Denmark. Better pack your coat and umbrella – it’s like a home from home!

interesting facts about Denmark

10. People who live in Denmark are generally happy with their lot.

Denmark is apparently the third happiest country in the world! In 2013, Copenhagen was actually voted the happiest city in the world!

11. Copenhagen is big on bikes.

Copenhagen was also the first Bicycle City in the world with over 390km of bicycle lanes and around 50% of residents cycling to work! Perhaps lots of fresh air and exercise is the secret to their happiness?

12. What do people speak in Denmark?

The official language of Denmark is Danish, whilst Faroese and Greenlandic are also spoken here too.

Copenhagen canal boat ride, Denmark

Copenhagen canal boat ride, Denmark

13. Get those pennies switched up!

Exchange your holiday money for Danish Krone, the official currency, to sample a fresh pint of Carlsberg at the factory or a Smørrebrød (an open rye bread sandwich).

14. Why change it?

Denmark boasts the oldest continually used flag in the world!

15. Denmark produces more than just beer and bacon.

This happy-go-lucky country grows potatoes, barley, wheat and sugar beets, rears pigs, catches fish and produces dairy products.

Its industry consists of food processing, machinery and equipment, chemical products, textiles and clothing.

Denmark also exports meat and meat products, machinery and instruments, dairy products, fish and chemicals.

Probably the best beer in the world?

Probably the best beer in the world?

FAQs about Denmark

Do people speak English in Denmark?

Yes, while it’s not the first language, it’s thought at least eight out of ten Danes speak English fluently.

Is Denmark a safe country?

Yes, Denmark is consistently named one of the safest countries in the world, often ranking in the top five.

Is Denmark expensive?

Denmark is, as well as being one of the safest countries on the planet, regarded as one of the priciest to visit - in the top five!

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