Attilan Lake view, Guatemala

🇬🇹 17 Grand Facts about Guatemala

Looking to boost your knowledge of the world? Why not start off with these fun facts about Guatemala!

1. Where is Guatemala?

Guatemala is an ancient, beautiful, and biologically significant country in Central America.

2. People have lived here for thousands of years.

Evidence of the first human settlements in Guatemala date back to around 12,000BC!

3. Who are some of Guatemala’s neighbors?

It is bordered by Mexico to the north and west and Belize, Honduras, and El Salvador to the east. It also has a coastline along the Caribbean Sea to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the south.

Flag of Guatemala

Flag of Guatemala

4. Here’s how to get there.

The coordinates for Guatemala are 14.6133° N, 90.5353°

5. The terrain is gorgeous.

The terrain here is mostly mountainous with narrow coastal plains; it truly is beautiful!

6. How big is Guatemala, anyway?

The total land area of Guatemala is 42,042 square miles (108,889 square kilometers).

7. It’s a volcanic hotspot.

Despite its relatively small size, Guatemala is actually home to 33 volcanoes! We hope they’re not all active!

8. Millions of people live out here!

Guatemala’s population was 16.86 million in 2020.

9. Ancestry is fascinating, too!

It is alleged that around half the population are direct descendants of Mayans… wow!

An ancient Tikal Pyramid, Guatemala

Tikal Pyramid, Guatemala

10. We owe them a lot!

The Guatemalans boast such creations as chocolate and blue denim! Thanks, Guatemala!

11. UNESCO loves Guatemala.

Guatemala is home to a grand total of 3 UNESCO World Heritage sites, with around 21 other sites marked as ‘Tentative’!

12. What’s the capital of Guatemala?

The capital is Guatemala City, which covers an area of 267 square miles (692 square kilometers) and has a population of 5,103,685 (2018).

Facts about Guatemala

13. Life is long and happy here.

The average life span here is 74.61 years.

14. It’s hot and humid out here.

The climate of Guatemala is tropical, with hot and humid weather in the lowlands, whilst the highlands are temperate with sometimes freezing temperatures.

15. What do people speak in Guatemala?

The official language of Guatemala is Spanish, although there are around 20 different Mayan dialects still spoken here!

bus travel in Guatemala

16. What can you spend in Guatemala?

Guatemalan Quetzal is the official currency here – make sure you take enough spending money to buy lots of cultural treats and trinkets!

17. Here’s a bit about the industry here.

Guatemala grows sugarcane, coffee, corn, bananas, and rears cattle.

Its industry consists of tourism, sugar, textiles, clothing, furniture, and chemicals.

Guatemala also exports coffee, sugar, fruits, vegetables, cardamom, and meat.

Atitlan Lake, Guatemala

Atitlan Lake, Guatemala

FAQs about Guatemala

Is it safe to visit Guatemala?

Unfortunately, Guatemala does suffer from a high crime rate. Therefore, do be careful if you intend to travel here.

Is Guatemala a rich country?

Guatemala’s economy is growing steadily - however, it remains unbalanced, meaning there is a significant poverty line.

What is Guatemala most famous for?

Guatemala is most famous for being the seat of Mayan history - and for having some truly stunning volcanoes!

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