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14 Interesting Facts about Iraq

Do you have friends or family living in Iraq that you’d like to surprise with your local knowledge? Then check out these 14 interesting facts about Iraq!

1. Where is Iraq?

Iraq is a large, desert country in Western Asia.

It is bordered by Turkey to the north, Iran to the east, Kuwait to the southeast, Saudi Arabia to the south, Jordan to the southwest and Syria to the west.

2. Here’s where to find it with a compass.

Heading to the sandy dunes of Iraq? Follow the coordinates 33.3333° N, 44.4333°.

3. It’s mountainous yet arid.

\The terrain here is mostly broad desert plains, with mountains in the north and east.

Flag of Iraq

Flag of Iraq

4. Compared to Britain, Iraq is massive.

The total land area of Iraq is 168,754 square miles (437,072 square kilometers)…that’s almost twice the size of the UK.

5. However, it’s sparse by comparison.

Iraq’s population was 40.22 million in 2020…that’s around half the UK population!

6. What’s the capital of Iraq?

The capital is Baghdad; it covers an area of 78.8 square miles (204 square kilometers) and had a population of 6.6 million in 2015.

7. It’s boiling hot here!

Iraqis enjoy a desert climate with cool winters and very hot summers.

8. Sand storms are a big problem out here.

Sand and dust storms can occur for up to 50 days a year in Iraq. Theses sand storms can reach around 50 feet high, whilst dust storms have been recorded at an incredible 3,000-6,000 feet high!

9. What do people speak in Iraq?

The official languages of Iraq are Arabic and Kurdish, although Turkoman, Assyrian and Armenian are also spoken here.

Map of the Middle East, showing Iraq

10. Duck for locusts!

Iraq has, on occasion, been plagued by swarms of 40-80 million locusts that can travel more than 8 miles per day!

11. Some of the beasts here can kill without a second thought.

One of the most venomous snakes in the world, the Saw-Scaled Viper is found in Iraq!

12. Time to change up your currency.

Iraqi Dinar the official currency here.

Qalat, Erbil, Iraq

Qalat, Erbil, Iraq

13. The life expectancy here is about average.

The average life span in Iraq is 70.60 years (2019).

14. What are the main industries?

Iraq grows wheat, rice, barley and vegetables; they also rear cattle.

Its industry consists of petroleum, chemicals, textiles and construction materials.

Iraq also exports crude oil.

people walking down the street in Baghdad, Iraq


FAQs about Iraq

Is it safe to visit Iraq?

Right now, it is not considered safe to visit Iraq - so take caution.

What is the safest city in Iraq?

Kurdistan is widely regarded as the safest city in Iraq right now.

What is Iraq famous for?

Iraq is famous for its rugs and carpets, as well as for its architecture.

Do you know any interesting facts about Iraq? Share them in the comments below!

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