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22 Brilliant Facts about Bermuda

Looking to increase your chances of winning the next pub quiz? Start by swotting up on these 22 interesting facts about Bermuda!

Geographical stats…

  1. Bermuda is a British Overseas Territory and archipelago in the North Atlantic Ocean.
  2. Its nearest neighbours are Canada to the north, British Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Turks and Caicos Islands and The Bahamas to the south and USA to the west.
  3. If you fancy a spot of snorkelling, or long to feel the sand between your toes whilst enjoying the beautiful sunshine, head for the coordinates of 32.3000° N, 64.7833° W for your very own Bermudian adventure!
Facts of Bermuda

Flag of Bermuda

  1. The terrain here is dominated by low hills and fertile depressions.
  2. The total land area of Bermuda is 20.5 square miles (53.2 square kilometres)…
  3. …that’s around 1/7th of the size of the Isle of Wight.
  4. Bermuda’s population was 63,968 in 2018…
  5. …that’s around half the population of the Isle of Wight.
  6. Residents here are known as Bermudians.

Bermuda Facts

  1. The capital is Hamilton; it covers an area of 0.27 square miles (0.7 square kilometres) and had a population of 10,000 in 2014.
  2. Bermudians enjoy a subtropical climate with mild and humid weather all year round, and strong winds during the winter.
  3. Did you know that you are able to snorkel in the crystal clear waters surrounding Bermuda for up to 7 miles offshore? There’s lots of stunning coral to explore; it is even possible to see up to 100 feet towards the sea bed where the coral meets the Atlantic ocean!
  1. Thanks to the lack of fresh water rivers and wells, Bermudians actually harvest rain water which is filtered before drinking!
  2. The Bermuda Triangle is a treacherous expanse where it is claimed many ships and planes have allegedly disappeared in extraordinary circumstances… fascinating!
interesting facts about Bermuda

Horseshoe Bay, Bermuda

Social intricacies

  1. The official language of Bermuda is English. Nice and easy!
  2. Bermuda became a British colony in 1612, making it the oldest remaining British colony.
  3. In Bermuda, it’s common for families to congregate on Good Friday to fly homemade kites.
  4. Bermudian Dollar is the official currency here and it’s set at the same rate as the US Dollar.
  5. The average life span here is a very healthy 81 years.

Fun Facts about Bermuda

Industry insights…

  1. Bermuda grows bananas, citrus fruits, vegetables and flowers; they also rear cattle and produce dairy products and honey.
  2. Its industry consists of international business, tourism and light manufacturing.
  3. The main exports include re-exports of pharmaceuticals.

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