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23 Ace Facts about Austria

Looking to boost your knowledge of Europe? Why not start with these 23 interesting facts about Austria!

  1. Austria is a beautiful landlocked country in Central Europe.
  2. It shares a border with Germany to the north west, Czech Republic to the north, Slovakia to the north east, Hungary to the south east, Slovenia to the south, Italy to the south west and Switzerland and Liechtenstein to the west.
  3. This beautiful country has an area of 32,378 square miles (square kilometres).
Facts of Austria

Flag of Austria

  1. Austria’s population was 8.822 million in 2018.
  2. The capital city is called Vienna; it covers an area of 160.1 square miles (414.6 square kilometres) and has a population of 1.74 million (2013).
  3. The terrain here is mountainous in the south and west, with lowlands in the north and east.

Facts about Austria

  1. In fact, the Austrian Alps cover 62% of Austria’s total land area.
  2. Whether you’re looking to ski, hike or cycle, the coordinates for Austria are 48.2000° N, 16.3500°
  3. The sewing machine was invented by an Austrian! Josef Madersperger created the contraption in 1818!
  1. The health conscious amongst you may be interested to note that Austria has the lowest rate of overweight females in the EU, and the highest rate of overweight males!
  2. If you’re an adrenaline junkie, head to Austria in the winter to ski or snowboard on some of the best powder around and experience the ‘apres ski’ scene. When all is thawed, head back in the summer to do some off-road mountain biking or some serious hiking! The scenery is truly magical!
  3. The oldest zoological garden in the world, Tiergarten Schonbrunn, which was founded in 1752, is in Vienna!
Interesting facts about Austria

Vienna, Austria

  1. If eating or drinking amongst Austrians, make sure you say ‘Guten appetit!’ and look the other person in the eye whilst clinking glasses – if you don’t, it’s thought to be rude and bring 7 years of bad luck to your sex life! You have been warned!
  2. Vienna has also been host to a Christmas market since 1772! We implore you to go and sample some of the Christmas punch, roasted chestnuts and Apfelstrudel whilst purchasing some handmade goodies!
  3. Austria enjoys a temperate, continental climate with frequent rain and snow during the cold winters, and moderate summers with occasional showers.
facts about Austria

Wörthersee, Austria

  1. The average life expectancy here is 81.64 fun filled years (2017).
  2. Like most other countries in mainland Europe, the Euro is the currency of Austria.
  3. German is the official language of Austria.
  4. Famous Austrians include Sigmund Freud, the psychiatrist, Wolfgang Mozart, the composer, Ferdinand Porsche, the car maker and Arnold Schwarzenegger!
  5. They grow potatoes, sugar beets and grains and produce wine, dairy products and lumber.
  6. The country’s industry consists of machinery, construction, vehicles and parts and food.

Fun Facts about Austria

  1. Austria exports motor vehicles and parts, machinery and equipment, paper, metal goods, iron ore, oil, chemicals and timber.
  2. Want to call family or friends in Austria?  You’ll need to use the international dialling code +43.

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