interesting facts about Finland

24 Fascinating Facts about Finland

Looking to boost your knowledge of the world? Why not start off with these 24 interesting facts about Finland!

  1. Finland is a stunningly beautiful country in Northern Europe.
  2. One quarter of Finland is actually within the Arctic Circle! Amazing!
  3. It is bordered by Sweden to the northwest, Norway to the north and Russia to the east.
  4. The coordinates for Finland are 64.0000° N, 26.0000°
  5. The international dialling code for Finland is +358.
Facts of Finland

Flag of Finland

  1. The terrain here is mostly rolling plains with lakes and low hills, plus small mountains in the far Northwest.
  2. In fact, there are 187,888 lakes that are larger than 500 square metres, and 179,584 islands in Finland!
  3. During June and July, the sun never sets in northern Finland due to its proximity to the North Pole. Conversely, there are also days during winter when the sun never rises!
  4. The total land area of Finland is 130,558 square miles (338,145 square kilometres).
  5. Finland’s population was 5.513 million in 2018.
  1. Helsinki is the capital city, covering an area of 71.2 square miles (184.5 square kilometres) with a population of 631,695 (2016).
  2. There are around 2 million saunas in Finland – that’s around one per 2.5 people!
  3. The average life span here is a steamy 81.43 years (2017).
  4. Did you know that Nokia, the mobile phone company, is actually Finnish? We didn’t!
  5. In Finland fines for traffic offences are linked to not only the severity of the violation, but also your income! The largest known speeding fine in Finland was around €200,000… crikey!
fun facts about Finland

Oulu, Finland

  1. Since 1982, it has been law to keep your headlights on at all times whilst driving in Finland.
  2. The climate in Finland is possibly not as cold as you might think. Due to the number of lakes and mild North Atlantic Current and Baltic Sea, residents here actually enjoy a cold temperate climate.
  3. Amazingly, Finnish athletes have apparently won more Summer Olympic medals per capita than any other nation, and more World Rally Championships, too!
  4. Finland has two official languages; Finnish and Swedish.

Facts about Finland

  1. As in most European countries, the Euro is the official currency here.
  2. The Finns love their coffee! In fact, they are the world’s biggest consumers of coffee per capita – even more than the Italians! I suppose you’ve got to keep warm somehow!
  3. Finland grows barley, potatoes, sugar beets and wheat, rears dairy cattle, catches fish and produces dairy products.
  4. Its industry consists of metal products, shipbuilding, electronics, copper refining, paper and pulp.
  5. Finland also exports chemicals, machinery and equipment, metals, timber, paper and pulp.

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