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17 Quirky Facts about Qatar

Looking to boost your knowledge of this hot, sandy country? Take a look at these 17 fun facts about Qatar!

1. Where is Qatar?

Qatar is a small country in the Middle East.

It shares only one border with Saudi Arabia to the south. It also has a coastline along the Persian Gulf along to the west, north and east.

2. Want the coordinates?

If you’re looking to head to this unique country by boat or air, you’ll need to remember the coordinates 25.3000° N, 51.5167° E.

3. The land is largely level.

The terrain here is mostly flat and barren desert, contrasted by the beautiful man-made island of Pearl-Qatar.

Flag of Qatar

Flag of Qatar

4. It’s the size of a British county!

The total land area of Qatar is 4,448 square miles (11,521 square kilometers)…that’s roughly the same size as Yorkshire.

5. However, it’s pretty sparse!

Qatar’s population was 2.881 million in 2020…that’s less than half the population of Yorkshire!

6. What’s the capital of Qatar?

Doha is the capital city; it covers an area of 51 square miles (132 square kilometers) and had a population of 2.382 million in 2018.

7. Winters are mild – but the summers…!

Qataris enjoy an arid climate with mild, pleasant winters and very hot and humid summers.

8. What do people speak in Qatar?

The official languages of Qatar are Arabic and English.

9. Be sure to head to the exchange!

If you fancy purchasing a few souvenirs from the vibrant souks, you’ll need to exchange your spending money for Qatari Riyal, the official currency here.

Facts about Qatar

10. The life expectancy here is great.

The average life span of a Qatari is a very healthy 79.98 years (2017)

11. We’ve been living here for centuries.

History enthusiasts will be interested to know that there is evidence of human habitation in Qatar from as early as the 4th century BC!

12. Always cover up in Qatar.

In Qatar it is deemed appropriate and respectful to ensure both men and women’s clothes do not end above the knee and that women’s arms are covered.

A view over the water towards the Museum of Islamic Art, Doha, Qatar

Museum of Islamic Art, Doha, Qatar

13. Kick-off!

In 2022, Qatar will become the smallest country (by area) ever to host a FIFA World Cup!

14. The vehicle fuel here is very reasonable!

Petrol is around 15p per liter in Qatar… if only it was that cheap elsewhere!

Not only is petrol very cheap here, Qatar also has the highest GDP per capita at more than 3 times that of the UK!

15. Weekends start early in Qatar.

Looking forward to the weekend? Well, in Qatar it actually falls on Friday and Saturday, with Sunday the start of each working week!

Interesting facts about Qatar~

16. It’s been independent for over 50 years.

After being ruled by both the Ottoman Empire and the British, Qatar finally gained independence in 1971.

17. The industry here is booming.

Qatar grows fruits and vegetables; they also rear poultry and cattle, catch fish and produce dairy products.

Its industry consists of crude oil production and refining, petrochemicals, fertilizers, cement and steel reinforcing bars.

The main exports consist of petroleum products, steel and fertilizers.

A Qatar Airways Boeing 777

Qatar Airways

FAQs about Qatar

Is Qatar safe to visit?

On the whole, Qatar is considered very safe to visit, and is likely the safest across the Middle East,

Is Qatar a rich country?

Yes, massively so - it’s been named the richest country on the planet for decades.

How much richer is Qatar than the USA?

The USA’s per capita GDP is around $63,000 - in Qatar, it’s a stunning $93,000 - they are a third richer than the US!

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