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26 Incredible Facts about India

Looking to boost your knowledge of the world to impress your friends or win the next pub quiz? Why not start with these 26 interesting and fun facts about India!

  1. India is the seventh-largest country by area and the most populous democracy in the world.
  2. With a whopping 1.353 billion inhabitants, India has the second-largest population in the world. (2018)
  3. The mainland consists of four distinct regions: the great mountain zone, the Indo-Gangetic plain, the desert region and the Southern Peninsula.
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The Taj Mahal, Agra, India

  1. India has borders with Pakistan in the west, Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, Myanmar and Nepal to the north and east, and Sri Lanka in the south.
  2. The capital of India is New Delhi.
  3. According to the UN, Delhi is now the second-largest urban agglomeration in the world; Mumbai is ranked seventh and Calcutta tenth.
  4. The population of Delhi and its immediate urban surrounding area is now over 22.65 million; only surpassed by Tokyo.
  5. Almost a quarter of Delhi’s households do not have a regular water supply.
  6. India has two official languages – Hindi and English.
Facts of India

Flag of India

  1. Though the big six languages, Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Marathi, Tamil and Urdu are spoken by more than 50 million people.
  2. It has been suggested that India has a greater linguistic diversity than any other country; the 1961 census of India listed 1,652 languages, although a few of these have died out since then.
  3. On August 15th, 1947, India was liberated from British Colonial rule and welcomed its independence.
  4. Agriculture is one of the most important economic sectors of India; it is also the leading source of livelihood.
  5. India’s national anthem is called the Jana Gana Mana, composed by Rabindranath Tagore. Click here to listen to Jana Gana Mana on YouTube
  6. The national animal of India is the Tiger – it symbolises the country’s wealth of wildlife.

Fun Indian Facts

  1. Mango is the national fruit and is said to be the ‘food of the Gods’ in the sacred Indian scripture. They are grown in almost all parts of the country and India is the world’s main producer and consumer of this sweet fruit, of which there are several hundred varieties!
  2. The India Meteorological Department recognises four seasons; cold weather, hot weather, rainy season and season of the retreating south-west monsoon.
  3. Nelumbo Nucifera, aka the Lotus, is India’s national flower.
  1. The country’s national tree is called the Banyan; it’s a huge species that boasts the widest reaching roots of all known trees!
  2. India will become the most populous country in the world in just 10 years’ time, according to UN estimates, when it will reach approximately 1.45 billion inhabitants!
  3. This population growth is likely to peak in 2060, where it will reach about 1.6 billion!
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Kerala Backwaters, Alappuzha, India

  1. When dinosaurs inhabited the Earth (more than 100 million years ago), most of what is India today, was part of one big continent; it had broken off from Gondwanaland (an ancient supercontinent) and was moving slowly northwards.
  2. Approximately 50 million years ago when dinosaurs had become extinct, the Indian continental plate collided with Asia, which resulted in the buckling the coastal area of both continents and subsequently creating world’s youngest and highest mountain range, the Himalayas.
  3. India has three of the world’s top ten megacities (a megacity is a city with a total population in excess of ten million people)!

India Facts

  1. Rather unsurprisingly, due to its treacherous and super busy roads, India has one of the worst road casualty rates in the world – there are more road deaths here than any other country in the world! Best not take a road trip to India, then!
  2. Bizarrely, people of India like to break records. The Limca Book of Records and the India Book of Records include oddities such as the longest garland made from cakes of cattle dung, which reached 1.2miles (2km), a record (and back) breaking 10 hours(!) of performing yoga on horseback, and a record for lighting electric bulbs by passing a wire through one’s nose and out of one’s mouth (as you do), using 30 sixty-watt bulbs to precise – each to their own!

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