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25 Vital Facts about Vietnam

Looking to boost your chances of winning the next pub quiz? Brush up on your worldly facts with these 25 interesting facts about Vietnam!

Geographical stats…

  1. Vietnam is a beautiful country in southeast Asia.
  2. It is bordered by China to the north and Laos and Cambodia to the west.
  3. To explore the stunning sights, incredible culture and amazing wildlife that Vietnam has to offer, head for the coordinates 21.0333° N, 105.8500° E.
facts about Vietnam

Flag of Vietnam

  1. The terrain here is low and flat in the south, rising to central highlands and mountains in the far north and northwest.
  2. The total land area of Vietnam is 127,844 square miles (331,114 square kilometres)…
  3. …that’s slightly larger than Italy.
  4. Vietnam’s population was 95.54 million in 2018…
  5. …that’s more than 1.5 times the population of Italy!
  6. Residents here are known as Vietnamese.
fun facts about Vietnam

Hanoi, Vietnam

  1. The capital is Hanoi; it covers an area of 1,292 square miles (3,345 square kilometres) and had a population of 3,629,000 in 2015.
  2. In the south, Vietnamese enjoy a tropical climate, changing to monsoonal in the north with a hot, rainy season from May to September, followed by a warm and dry season from October to March.
  3. Sơn Đoòng Cave in Vietnam is the world’s largest cave and was only discovered in 1991!
  1. The beautiful Ha Long Bay is not only a gem along Vietnam’s coastline, but also happens to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  2. Vietnam boasts 11,217 species of animal, including black bears, indian elephants, honey bears, leopards, tigers, crocodiles, snakes, turtles, monkeys, lizards, rhinoceroses and jackals, to name but a few!

interesting facts about Vietnam

Social intricacies

  1. The official language of Vietnam is… (drum roll)… Vietnamese!
  2. Vietnamese actually features 6 different vocal tones, each of which can directly affect the meaning of each word, making Vietnamese a difficult language to learn!
  3. There are almost 20 times more motorbikes on the roads of Vietnam than cars.
  4. Vietnamese Dong is the official currency here.
  5. Unlike the UK, in Vietnam it is favourable to have pale white skin, rather than tanned brown skin, so it’s commonplace to cover up whilst at the beach and out in the sun in order to keep as pale as possible!
  6. The average life span here is 75.24 years (2017).
  7. Water puppetry is a popular art form in Vietnam which dates back to the 11th century!

interesting facts about vietnam

Industry insights…

  1. Vietnam grows potatoes, corn, paddy rice, coffee, tea, sugarcane, peanuts, cashew nuts, pepper and rubber; they also rear poultry and catch fish.
  2. Its industry consists of food processing, shoes, mining, oil, glass, steel, cement, garments and machine building.
  3. The main exports include cashew nuts, marine products, crude oil, electronics, machinery, wooden products, rice, coffee and rubber.
  4. In fact, Vietnam is the world’s largest exporter of cashew nuts!

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