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12 Helpful Adwords Tips and Tricks

There are plenty of great ways to get seen online – through search engine optimization, social media plugging, and more – but one of the most concrete ways to drive traffic to your website regularly is through using Google AdWords.

AdWords, now known as Google Ads, is a pay per click (PPC) system through which you can buy ad space on Google based on specific keywords. However, the price of said keywords will vary from case to case, meaning that you will likely end up paying more for keywords which are deemed more popular than others.

It’s a pretty lucrative way to make sure you drive regular interest to your site – and here are a few facts, tips and tricks for Adwords you may not know about the service.

1. It’s one of the most successful banner advertising standards.

Google Display campaigns are hugely successful compared to traditional online banner advertising. For example, it’s thought that the average AdWords purchase will generate a 0.4% clickthrough rate. This is said to be around four times as successful as general banners elsewhere.

2. You’ll need to keep a close eye on your numbers.

As you may already know, the whole point to Google Ads and AdWords is to boost your CTR, or clickthrough rate. However, you’re going to need to monitor your stats carefully to see whether or not your ads are actually relevant. A simple mathematical equation you can use to determine this is to simply divide the number of people who click by the number of people who actually see your ads. The higher the number, the better your ads are performing.

3. Long tails aren’t always the answer.

It’s actually more likely that you will convert on an impression through shorter keyword tails. If you’ve dabbled in SEO, you will likely already be conditioned to chasing those long-tail variants. However, this isn’t always helpful with AdWords! Make sure that you are targeting a mixture of both; but be aware that you are likely to cast a broader stroke with AdWords by going shorter on the tail.

adwords tips tricks and facts

4. Pricing varies!

Did you know that the amount you pay for an AdWords bid can change depending on location, date, and time? It will even change based on the devices you want to connect with. This, of course, is thanks to some search terms and keywords getting higher click volumes on weekends, for example, compared to weekdays.

5. Go mobile!

Speaking of devices, if you are targeting to this extent, you’re going to need to make sure that you are targeting mobiles first. Google literally has a ‘mobiles first’ approach, for example, in that it will actively highlight mobile versions for sites first. If you’re not already embracing the mobile revolution, it is high time you got started.

6. Want to spread the cost?

Believe it or not, you won’t necessarily have to pay for AdWords right away. You can actually be invoiced by Google monthly if you have a high enough monthly ad spend, and if you’ve been running your business or brand for at least a year. It’s a great support to get these campaigns on credit sometimes!

7. Adopt an auction mentality.

Bidding for the best spots on any given keyword is always a must if you can afford it. Statistics show that the first three ads which appear under a given keyword will claim up to 41% of clicks per page. That’s a huge conversion.

8. Google is an advertising powerhouse.

Google takes advertising very seriously, which is why there are more tools and support services available now than ever before. In fact, did you know that Google makes most of its money from ads alone? It’s thought to be responsible for up to 97% of their regular income, meaning that search itself barely touches the sides any more!

9. It’s a competitive practice.

When taking up AdWords or Google Ads, you are up against some stiff competition. It’s thought that there are around 4 million different businesses using AdWords, or Google advertising, right now.

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10. Be careful with your phrasing.

You should always be careful with the way you present your keywords before bidding. For example, you may wish to match a broad phrase, an exact search, or something in between. Don’t be afraid to mix and match these up – as there will be huge differences made to the amount you pay on the bid, as well as on how everything converts in the end game.

11. PPC and SEO are NOT exclusive!

You can easily use PPC alongside SEO – there’s never any need to go for one or the other when both will work together well!

12. Keep track of negative keywords!

One of the most important tips to know about using pay per click advertising is to make sure you are using the negative keyword tool. After all, you don’t want to be spending your marketing budget on wasted clicks! Find out more here.

tips tricks and facts about adwords

FAQs about AdWords

Is Google AdWords free?

As long as you have a Google Ads account, then you can use Google AdWords for SEO for free - but you’ll need to pay for individual bids once you start spotting keywords you’d like to pitch to.

Is AdWords the same as Google Ads?

Yes, technically, AdWords is the same as Google Ads. The two became one back in 2018.

Is Google AdWords easy to use?

While Google AdWords is pretty straightforward, it can take some time to learn how to master this style of advertising. In fact, many companies give up before reaping the real benefits. It is definitely worth taking time to work AdWords to your advantage, and there are plenty of free guides on the web that can help you get started.

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