9 Affordable Tech Solutions Students Can Use

9 Affordable Tech Solutions Students Can Use

The education landscape has taken a huge leap in recent years. Today, students need to be up-to-date with different tech solutions to keep up with their studies.

In this article, we’ve provided an overview of some of the most popular tech solutions that are affordable and incredibly useful for students.

1.  PaperWriter.com

PaperWriter is a useful platform that helps students with their academic assignments, such as term papers, essays, research papers, and even a thesis. The concept here is pretty straightforward. Students can find a college essay writing service that is tailored. PaperWriter works with professionals from different academic fields who can help students navigate complex topics if given all the information needed. This means specifying any requirements and sharing personal notes.

PaperWriter is a paper writing service that’s designed with students in mind. This means the platform is affordable and offers a fast turnaround on papers for those students that are in a hurry. In other words, with PaperWriter.com, students need not stress about any assignment, as they can always get support from anywhere and anytime.

2.  Apple iPad

Tech solutions come in all shapes and sizes, including gadgets. In the category of tablets, our top pick is the latest Apple iPad. Apple has some fantastic offers, with student discounts as high as $100. And if your school is offering them, even better discounts are often available.

Did you know, there are some exclusive student apps, such as Notability, that are only available on iPad? Moreover, with the Apple pen, you can take notes or just get creative!

Apple iPad

3.  Tech Backpacks

Today, the majority of students are reliant on technology. Although portable chargers can be a great way to top up your devices’ juices, they can sometimes be inefficient. So, why not try a tech backpack instead?

The latest tech backpacks come with solar panels that can be used to charge your devices while they are in the bag – not  just one but multiple devices at a time. Tech backpacks cost between $100 – $200, but they are well worth the one-time investment when you consider you don’t have to carry portable chargers and that you can use your backpack to charge your devices anywhere. And lets not forget, solar energy is free and eco-friendly.

4.  Reusable Notebooks

Digital notebooks give you the feel of pen on paper but come with the benefit of not having to type up your notes later to digitally organize them.

For instance, smart notebooks come with special pens that can scan the text using the integrated app. This way, you don’t have to waste time digitizing or optimizing your notes. You can easily transfer them or search your notes for specific keywords.

4.  Laptop Stands With Cooling Fan

Students might prefer doing homework while sitting on the sofa or the bed at times. This is where a laptop stand can come in handy. However, some laptop stands get very hot, making things uncomfortable and degrading device performance. As such, getting the right stand is as important as picking the right laptop.

So, look for options that have a cooling tray attached to the stand. These stands also come with USB ports that can be used to charge your laptop as well. And you can also use this stand as a study desk if you are not using your laptop.

5.  Notion

Now, let us consider another app that offers a super tech solution for students’ note-taking needs. Notion advertises itself as a productivity and note-taking web application. Although it wasn’t designed specifically for students, it is still useful.

In its simplest form, Notion can be used as a text editor. But it can also function as a presentation builder, as students can attach images, videos, equations, code blocks, and plenty more. Notion also comes with in-built templates, which can make things simpler. Although Notion is available as free, to gain access to all features, students will have to subscribe to premium plans, which come at affordable costs.

Laptop Stands With Cooling Fan

6.  Noise-Canceling Headphones

Yes, we are aware of the fact that noise-canceling headphones appear in almost every must-have tech list for students. This tech solution was once available for a couple of hundred bucks or so. But this is no longer the case. Today, there are several manufacturers that offer affordable models of noise-canceling headphones and earphones, which makes them more accessible for student budgets.

And with many classes shifting towards online learning, noise-canceling headphones have become more of a necessity than an optional tech solution.

7.  Google Suite

The Google Suite may well be the most used product by students around the world. And if you aren’t using it yet, then you’re definitely missing out! Unlike other office suites such as Microsoft Office or 365 – Google offers all its products for free. This includes docs, sheets, slides, and more.

Students only need a Gmail account to access them, and all their files will be automatically backed up in Google Drive. This way, you don’t have to worry about losing your files, and they can be accessed from anywhere. The Google Suite products are also available in offline mode, so you don’t need an internet connection at all times.

8. Kindle Paperwhite

The latest Kindle Paperwhite is the new favorite among avid readers. It can be used to read in both warm and cool lighting, so students can pick a setting that best suits their preferences. Additionally, the touch response has been updated and improved.

With Kindle, students can customize books with their favorite fonts and layouts and organize their virtual shelves to their precise standards.

So there you have it. This was a small handful from some of the most attractive tech solutions we’ve found that are available for students in today’s crowded marketplace. However, each student will have their own needs and wants.  Found something you prefer? Share with us the gadgets or apps you love in the comments below!

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