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fun facts about badgers
1 Feb

15 Brilliant Facts about Badgers

Who doesn’t love badgers? These snuffling, exceptionally British beasts are icons of the European countryside. However, to many people, they’re quite misunderstood. Let’s take a look at a few fun facts about badgers to help clue you in on these marvelous mammals. 1. What are badgers, anyway? Found in Europe, the Americas, Africa and Asia, …
facts about extinction
30 Dec

12 Important Facts about Extinction

Extinction refers to the end of life – that may be the end of a particular animal or plant species, for example. Perhaps most famously, we know of the extinction of the dinosaurs – but, sadly, there are many species still going extinct to this day for various reasons – some within our control. Here …
facts about antelope
14 Dec

16 Awesome Facts about Antelope

Graceful and elegant, antelope are some of the most curious critters you’ll come across. But how much do you really know about these mammals? Here are some fun facts about antelopes that might just help clue you in. 1. There are many different types of antelope out there! There are over 90 species of antelope, …
Facts about Rottweilers
30 Nov

11 Remarkable Facts about Rottweilers

Rottweilers are wonderful dogs to keep as pets, as well as to have on side in case you need to protect your property (or yourself!). They are strong, loyal and intelligent – and can also be fearsome – they’re famous for their imposing appearance! Read on for some fun facts about rottweilers and why they …
fun facts about orangutans
24 Nov

10 Fantastic Facts about Orangutans

Orangutans are some of the most beautiful and docile creatures on the planet. They are also known for their intelligence and incredible agility! But we should all get to know this incredible endangered species a lot better! With that in mind, here are some fun facts about orangutans! 1. There are three types of orangutan …
facts about otters
16 Nov

11 Adorable Facts about Otters

Otters are seriously cute critters – if you’re one of the few people out there yet to see these animals holding hands, then get yourself over to YouTube – or better yet, to see them in the wild! These floating, fuzzy mammals are extremely photogenic, but there’s still likely to be plenty you may not …
fun facts about cocker spaniels
9 Nov

12 Super Facts about Spaniels

Spaniels are popular family pets and also clever working dogs. They are renowned for being tenacious, good-natured and loyal! In fact, if you’re looking for a perky pet or two of your own, adopting some spaniels might just be the way to go. Read on for some fun facts about spaniels. 1. Were spaniels among …
Facts about Gazelles
8 Nov

12 Graceful Facts about Gazelles

Aren’t gazelles graceful creatures? These speedy, nimble critters are best known for their endless grace – and they are some of the most stunning mammals you’ll spot roaming around the African wilds. However, there’s more to these spry beasts than meets the eye – here are some fun facts about gazelles that might impress you! …
facts about pearls
7 Nov

11 Precious Facts about Pearls

Pearls are truly magnificent – have you ever seen a real one up close? These glistening, perfectly round stones are widely used in jewelry all over the world – and as you may already know, they are found down in the deepest waters of our oceans. However, there’s a lot that you can learn from …
facts about the mongoose
7 Nov

13 Magnificent Facts about Mongoose

Mongooses look cute, but are also fearless when it comes to protecting their young! While their names may make them sound like birds, mongooses are feisty mammals that aren’t afraid of putting up a fight. Here are some fun facts about mongooses you may want to remember. 1. Mongooses, or mongoose? Though sometimes mistakenly used, …
aardvark facts
4 Nov

15 Awkward Facts about Aardvarks

Aardvarks are curious-looking creatures that often get confused with anteaters – famous for their long snouts and distinctive names, these mammals are actually related loosely to the elephant! Let’s take a glance at some fun facts about aardvarks you’ll want to remember for time to come. 1. They are amazing insectivores! As successful Insectivores, aardvarks …
fun facts about pangolins
2 Nov

12 Passionate Facts about Pangolins

Pangolins are some of the most fascinating animals on the planet! With their scaly skin, long faces, and mysterious ‘powers’, they are some of the most coveted creatures on Earth. Sadly, their popularity in illegal trade has led to drastic decreases in their numbers, making them a genuinely endangered species. So, let’s get to know …
fun facts about gardening
10 Sep

10 Expert Advice: Gardening Tips for Beginners

Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or are new to growing a green thumb or two, it’s always good to have some helpful gardening advice at your fingertips! Expert gardeners and horticulturists will always have a trick or two up their sleeves to get the best out of their gardens – and here’s some fun gardening …
Natural Medicines You Didn’t Know Were in Your Garden
9 Sep

12 Nourishing Facts about Natural Medicines

Our gardens are full of wonders, from the plants we grow to the insects they attract! But, beyond being beautiful to look at and sweet to smell, they can also be very good for our health when harvested. Here are some natural medicines you didn’t know were in your garden! 1. Valerian Valerian is a …