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11 Appealing Facts about Adrenaline

The “fight-or-flight response”, caused by adrenaline, is when you’re in a stressful situation and your heart begins to race. Temporary stress can sometimes be a good thing.

Here are some fun facts about adrenaline to get your heart pumping…

1. It’ll open your eyes.

Adrenaline makes a person more alert, as it helps one think and quickly react in adverse situations.

2. It’ll open your lungs!

Adrenaline helps expand the air passages that are located in your lungs.

3. Adrenaline might even create clearer memories.

It is believed that adrenaline boosts memory retention. A study conducted with rats and mice showed that the ones who were given adrenaline a day earlier were able to navigate a maze much better than those who have not.

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4. It might take 60 minutes to calm down!

Adrenaline effects can last up to an hour.

5. Adrenaline might be good for the heart.

Through encouraging blood flow, adrenaline is actually able to stop allergic reactions and heart attacks. The muscles in the airway are also stopped from constructing due to adrenaline, which allows the breathing to return to normal after a severe allergic reaction.

6. Test your strength?

Research shows that it is possible to access a person’s absolute strength during a stressful situation where adrenaline levels are high.

7. Work through the pain!

Adrenaline can help block pain. The desire to stay alive often overrides the pain perception when adrenaline and noradrenaline saturate the blood. It is not a natural painkiller, however, as your injury is most likely going to start throbbing once the adrenaline levels fall.

8. It might help your immune response.

Adrenaline can help enhance your immune system and improves your body’s chances of fighting off infections.

9. Look younger with adrenaline!

Adrenaline can stop you aging so quickly. Your body reacts to the spurts of adrenaline by increasing the antioxidants that circulates in your system. These antioxidants combat the free radicals that are responsible for tissue damage and the aging process.

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10. Keep your pressure balanced.

Adrenaline is known to stabilize blood pressure and man-made adrenaline is used to treat patients that are extremely ill.

11. Can adrenaline restart a heart?

In some cases of cardiac arrest, adrenaline can even help restart a stopped heart.

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FAQs about Adrenaline

What does adrenaline actually do to your body?

When experiencing adrenaline, your pupils expand, your blood pressure spikes, and your lungs take in more air!

Is adrenaline rush good or bad?

That depends - short term, it’s not harmful, but high adrenaline can cause serious problems later on down the line.

Can adrenaline make you happy?

Sometimes! It’s dopamine that entices happiness, but adrenaline works in a similar way.

Do you know any fun facts about adrenaline? Share them in the comments below!

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