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10 Amazing Facts about Airbus A380

If you like spending any kind of time in the sky, then you will most likely have heard of the air’s biggest passenger aircraft, the Airbus A380! You may even have ridden one in the past – but how much do you really know about this astounding airplane? Here are some seriously fun facts about the Airbus A380 you’ll want to remember for the next pub quiz.

1. It’s easily the world’s biggest passenger aircraft.

As the world’s first full-length double-decker passenger aircraft, the Airbus A380 remains the biggest passenger airplane in the world! The Airbus A380 is an incredible 73 meters long and 24 meters high – that’s 79 x 24 yards for imperial fans.

2. How many passengers can the Airbus A380 carry?

If all seats were economy class, the Airbus A380 could carry up to 853 passengers! However, since that is not the case, the highest number of people this aircraft has ever carried is 615 people – that’s still plenty of vacations all getting started at once,

3. Don’t get the wires crossed!

The Airbus A380 is, naturally, a pretty complex piece of kit. In fact, it boasts over 300 miles of electrical wires and cabling just to keep it up in the air. Weirdly enough, wiring actually delayed the production and initial launch of the A380 by some distance… tiring work for one unlucky electrician!

Airbus A380

4. It’s wild on wake turbulence.

Due to its sheer size and weight, the Airbus A380 generates more wake turbulence than any other passenger aircraft. Wake turbulence refers to a disturbance in the atmosphere that follows the aircraft as it moves through the air.

Bizarrely, it can be very dangerous for smaller aircraft to get too close to the A380 when it is in the air, which is why they have to wait a while before taking off or landing on the same runway. Now you know the reason why your trips home are always delayed…

5. We’re gonna need a bigger tub of paint!

As you can imagine, painting the Airbus A380 is no small feat! In fact, it takes a whopping 950 gallons of paint to cover the surface of this aircraft, and it also takes a team about two weeks to paint it from tip to tip.

6. Got any luggage?

If you’re planning a long trip, it’s best to take an Airbus A380! The airplane can carry up to 3,000 suitcases – thankfully, two loading belts are used to make the whole loading and unloading process a lot less painful for all involved…

7. It’s a real group effort.

An Airbus A380 is made up of about four million separate components. These components are manufactured by more than 1,500 companies – and, these companies are spread out across more than 30 different territories. The Airbus A380 really brings people together!

8. Hotels in the sky?

If you happen to find yourself on an Airbus A380, you may be lucky enough to get a drink at an onyx countertop bar! However, you’d have to be really lucky to try one of the first-class suites that Emirates and Etihad introduced, with fully functional showers, separate cabins, and even double beds!

Airbus A380 countertop

9. Can you handle the A380?

Thanks to the Airbus A380’s sheer size, not all airports in the world can handle it! In fact, many had to make significant changes in order to welcome the aircraft onto their runways. Oddly enough, only 140 airports in the world aren’t equipped to welcome this superjumbo. But don’t worry, in case of an emergency, 400 airports elsewhere can welcome a landing in a flash!

10. It’s a long-runner.

Intriguingly, it’s thanks to an Airbus A380 that the longest flight worldwide takes place at all! Singapore Airlines is currently running the longest flight in the world from New York to Singapore – for anyone on board, that’s a 19-hour flight on an Airbus A380. At least it’s comfy!

Airbus A380 Emirates

FAQs about the Airbus A380

Has the Airbus A380 been discontinued?

Sadly, production of the Airbus A380 came to an end back in 2019 - due to lack of demand, believe it or not!

How many Airbus A380s are in service today?

As of 2022, there were 237 Airbus A380s in service across the globe - that’s covering 16 different operators, too!

How fast does the Airbus A380 go?

Fasten your seatbelts - an Airbus A380 can reach a top speed of about 634 miles (or 1,020 km) per hour! This makes it one of the fastest aircraft in the world - it’s a true behemoth!

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