interesting facts about Albania

17 Awesome Facts about Albania

Want to learn a little more about the countries of the world and increase your chance of being crowned the next pub quiz champion? Take a look at these fun facts about Albania!

1. Where is Albania?

Albania is a beautiful country located in southeastern Europe, with stunning sandy beaches along the Adriatic Sea.

It shares a border with Montenegro to the northwest, Kosovo to the northeast, Macedonia to the east and to the south and southeast.

2. It’s a mid-sized country.

It has an area of 11,100 square miles (28,748 square kilometers).

3. Grab that compass!

The coordinates for Albania are 41.0000° N, 20.0000°.

Flag of Albania

Flag of Albania

4. It’s home to millions of people.

Albania’s population was 2.846 million in 2020.

5. What’s the capital of Albania?

Tirana is the capital city; it has an area of 16.1 square miles (41.8 square kilometers) and a population of 421,286 (2011).

6. It’s a pretty hilly country!

The terrain here is mostly mountainous and hilly, with large plains along the idyllic coastline.

7. There’s no McD’s here!

Interestingly, Albania is one of only three European countries that does not have a branch of McDonald’s!

8. The weather’s lovely!

Residents here enjoy a temperate climate with dry, hot summers and wet, cool winters. Perfect, we like it even more!

9. Mother Teresa is honored here.

Tirana’s international airport is named after Mother Teresa, who’s family were of Albanian descent.

Tirana International Airport

10. Relearn your head movements!

Weirdly, if you shake your head in Albania it will be taken to mean yes, and if you nod, it means no – that’ll take some getting used to!

11. People in Albania live long and healthily.

The average life expectancy here is 78.34 years (2016).

12. Here’s what you’ll spend.

The currency of Albania is the Albanian Lek.

1000 Albanian Lekë

13. No prizes here…

Albania’s official language is… Albanian! Shocker, eh?!

14. Some important words to remember…

In the Albanian language the word ‘Albania’ is actually known as ‘Shqiperia’, whilst ‘no’ is ‘jo’ and yes is ‘po’.

15. It’s a lush, green land.

More than a third of Albania is forest, giving home to incredible wild animals including lynxes and brown bears.

Berat, Albania

Berat, Albania

16. Here’s some statistics about Albania’s exports.

They grow fruits, corn, potatoes, wheat and vegetables, rear livestock and produce dairy products here.

The country’s industry consists of food and tobacco products, textiles, lumber, oil, cement, mining and hydropower.

Albania exports textiles, asphalt, metals, crude oil, vegetables, fruits and tobacco.

17. Keep in touch!

Want to call family or friends in Albania? You’ll need to use the international dialing code +355.

Albanian houses

FAQs bout Albania

Is it safe to travel to Albania?

Albania remains very safe to travel to - the crime rates are low here, too!

Is it legal to drink alcohol in Albania?

Yes - but you need to be at least 18 years old to drink alcohol here.

What is Albania best known for?

Albania is perhaps best known for its amazing mountainscapes, as well as its urban art scenes - an odd mix!

Do you know any fun facts about Albania? Share them in the comments below!

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