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16 Enticing Facts about Ancient Egypt

We’ve all seen the Pyramids, heard about the Sphinx and read about the mummies, but what do you find when you scratch beneath the surface? We’re about to find out – here’s 16 facts about Ancient Egypt you won’t have learnt at school…

  1. Makeup was popular with both men and women.
  2. Mummification involved the brain being pulled out through the nose.
  3. They believed the cultures that grew on gone off bread could combat infections.

fun facts about ancient egypt

  1. The Rosetta Stone unlocked the mysteries of hieroglyphics.
  2. In antiquity there were numerous Rosetta Stones, not just one.
  3. They were created to explain local laws to all parts of the Egyptian empire.
Ancient Egypt Facts

Great Sphinx of Tanis, Louvre Museum, Paris, France

  1. The pharaoh would always cover his hair in public.
  2. Ancient Egypt is home to more than 130 pyramids.
  3. They were built as tombs for the pharaohs.
  1. Their makeup was made from copper and lead…
  2. …the most popular colors were green and black.
  3. Ancient Egyptians believed that makeup had magical healing powers — who’d have thought!

Facts about Ancient Egypt

  1. Hieroglyphics contain more than 700 different characters!
  2. And their culture believed in more than 2,000 gods and deities that each had to be worshipped.
  3. Ancient Egypt’s most famous gods being Ra, Osiris, Isis and Horus.
  4. They invented pens, paper, locks and even toothpaste!

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