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14 Amazing Facts about Aquarius

If you were born between the dates of January 19th and February 19th, you’re one of the lucky ones! This means you’re an Aquarius, or the water carrier. You’re a water sign and are known for your unique qualities and interesting flaws. Here are some of the most frequently common facts about Aquarius, and who knows, maybe you’ll relate to a few.

Quick Facts about Aquarius:

Date: January 20 – February 18
Zodiac Symbol: The water bearer
Element: Air
Modality: Fixed
Ruling Planet: Saturn and Uranus
House: Eleventh
Season: Winter
Metal: Uranium
Body Part: Ankles, shin
Stone: Amethyst
Color: Blue
Tarot Card: The Star
Secret Wish: To have complete freedom
Keywords: Individual, assertive, independent, opinionated, friendly, idealist, inventive, intellectual, original, detached.

1. You’re a deep thinker.

Aquarians are known for being deep thinkers. And, yes, occasionally, that means that you tend to overthink things. In some ways, this can be an absolute asset that allows you to consider things thoroughly before moving forward. However, other times, you can get a bit lost in all of the different possibilities and can focus a bit too much on the negative.

2. Aquarians are easily irritated.

Aquarians are also known for being relatively irritable. It doesn’t always take much for you to get into a bad mood. So, when you’re overthinking and tend to get a bit lost, it’ll be no surprise that you’re also a bit touchy.

3. Some of the most successful people in modern history are Aquarians.

The world has been gifted with many talented and famous Aquarians! Some of the most famous members of this water sign include Matt Dillon, Cristiano Ronaldo, Michael Jordan, Oprah Winfrey, Jennifer Aniston, and Alicia Keys.

constellation of Aquarius

The Aquarian constellation

4. You have an incredible memory.

When it comes to superpowers, yours could definitely be memory. You can remember things so well down to the last detail. You’re practically a walking encyclopedia of memories for your loved ones!

5. Aquarians like to take their time.

Nothing is more important than taking your time. Whether it be to make important decisions or simply get to your appointments, you will not be rushed.

6. Aquarians have many favorite numbers.

Aquarius has plenty of lucky numbers In fact, 4, 8, 17 and 26 are just some of your top numbers to choose from!

7. You stand for justice.

Nothing is more important to you than justice. You will not stand for anything unfair or unjust, and you have to speak up. And we can be sure that by the time you do, you will have already thought it through carefully!

8. You probably have an addictive personality.

One of your flaws is that Aquarius does tend to get addicted to things. When you love something, it can become somewhat of an obsession. It can be difficult to find a middle ground and manage those addictions, but we believe in you!

9. You are very extreme!

When it comes to Aquarians, you are either very outgoing or very shy. It’s never a mix of the two. However, one thing that all Aquarians have in common is their deep thoughtfulness.

facts about Aquarius

10. You are a sarcastic genius

As an Aquarius, you may have found that people either love your sense of humor or have difficulty adapting to it. And, believe it or not, that does stem from your sign! Aquarians are very sarcastic and, therefore, tend to have a pretty dark sense of humor.

11. You’re not the best sleeper

Strangely, Aquarians aren’t known for sleeping very well. This is due to the fact that your mind always tends to be racing, which makes it difficult to switch off when you need to! Try to get some rest!

13. It’s not a good idea to provoke you.

Aquarians can be pretty tame, but due to their irritability, it’s best not to provoke you. You are known for being a bit explosive when provoked, so we’ll stay back!

Amethyst gem stone

Amethyst gem stone

14. You don’t go well with Leos.

Sadly, Leos and Aquarians are not a good match. Leos are very proud, loud, and fiery people. Aquarians, therefore, often have trouble feeling relaxed around them, so, Leos, stay away!

FAQs about Aquarius

What sums up an Aquarius personality?

Aquarians are seen as being enthusiastic, intelligent and self-reliant - however, they love social affairs.

Who should Aquarius marry?

Generally, people under the signs Libra and Sagittarius are considered the best matches for Aquarius.

Are Aquarians loyal?

Yes, on the whole - but they need a lot of alone time!

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  • Naser says:

    I liked facts about my zodiac sign and all of that is true cuz my cousin is leo and im aquarius and we kinda fight a lot but we never actaully hurt each other,
    Talking about that we are also blood brothers even if my cousin is leo and I am an aquariun we still are… cousins and we would be pleased to be together❤️

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