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15 Amazing Facts About Argentina

Argentina is a truly gorgeous and fascinating country well worth exploring if you’re ever able to! Here are 15 fun facts about Argentina to help inspire a future vacation.

1. Where is Argentina?

Argentina’s found in South America, and it’s bordered by Paraguay, Bolivia, Chile, Uruguay, Brazil, and the Atlantic Ocean.

2. It’s big – but America’s bigger.

It’s 1,073,518 square miles or 2,780,400 square kilometers large – that’s just a third of the US!

3. Argentinian life is long and fruitful.

People in Argentina expect to live to around 76 years of age.

Flag of Argentina
Flag of Argentina

4. Friendships are important in Argentina.

Buenos Aires has a festival called ‘Friend’s Day’ on July 20th each year – a great chance to tell people how much you mean to them.

5. Argentina produces all kinds of things.

Argentina produces beef, oil grain, rice, sugar, wine, tobacco… the list goes on!

6. We’ve been here for centuries.

People from Europe started settling in Argentina around the 16th century.

7. Argentina leads the way for criminal investigation.

It’s true – fingerprints used for detecting crimes were first discovered in Argentina. We have them to thank for modern crime solving!

8. Who you gonna call?

Use the dialing code +54 when you want to call family and friends based over in Argentina.

9. A bueno capital!

Buenos Aires, the capital, is 78.5 square miles or 203.3 square kilometers large. Around 2.9 million people live here.

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Buenos Aires, Argentina

10. Argentina broke free from the Spanish after many centuries of rule.

As of 1816, Argentina split from Spanish rule, declaring its independence for good.

11. Brush up on the cash and the language.

When visiting Argentina, make sure you know a bit of Spanish – and be ready to pay for your trip with the Argentine peso, too.

12. Dancing’s not a crime!

The Tango was invented in Argentina – around the turn of the 19th century, in the Rio de la Plata region.

interesting facts about Argentina
Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina

13. Parkland stretches far and wide across Argentina.

Argentina boasts an amazing number of national parks, with 31 recognized at last count. It boasts the ‘Valley of The Moon’, Talampaya, Los Glaciares and more. Yes, it’s entirely possible to explore fossils, glaciers, waterfalls and arid canyons all in the same country!

14. Argentina’s a hilly escape.

Thanks to its immense mountainous cascades, Argentina is also well-loved by adventurers and hikers – strap on your boots and let’s go!

15. It’s effectively Jurassic Park.

Argentina is a hotbed of dinosuar discovery. The Giganotosaurus, Eoraptor and Argentinosaurus (naturally) were all discovered here. the Giganotosaurus was, in fact, one of the biggest dinos to have ever walked the Earth!

Facts about Argentina
Foz do Iguaçu, Argentina

FAQs about Argentina

Is Argentina safe to visit, generally?

On the whole, Argentina is pretty safe to visit - but as with any vacations, keep your belongings with you!

What is Argentina most famous for?

Argentina is famous for its fantastic dancing, its amazing landscapes, and for its footballing prowess.

Is it true that Argentinians find punctuality rude?

Yes! It’s considered very rude to show up somewhere on time in Argentina… so sleep in a bit!

Do you know any fun facts about Argentina?  Share them in the comments below!

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