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31 Fun Facts About Avocado

The avocado is a fruit that’s taken on a life of its own in recent years. It’s become a modern icon – a once-obscure fruit that’s making its way into more and more dishes, drinks and medical supplements.

It’s also a fruit that’s associated with the millennial generation, and one which has received ‘superfood’ status over years. Of course, millions of us have been enjoying avocados for years – in guacamole and otherwise!

Avocados are said to be incredibly beneficial to everyday health. Their nutrition stats are well-known, but why might it be worth looking carefully at how much of the fruit you eat on a regular basis?

Already a fan of the fruit? Great news – there are plenty of reasons why you’re doing the best by your body. Here’s some seriously tasty avocado nutrition facts and health benefits you’re going to want to tuck into.

1. Avocado is GOOD for your heart

Avocado is well-known for being a fantastic, sodium-free treat. It’s often prescribed or suggested for low sodium or sodium free diets. As such, if you’re looking to take care of your heart, you should make sure to make room for an avocado or two regularly.

2. Seriously, they really help your ticker

Avocados are rich in copper, which can be a rare nutrient to find in many diets. It’s thought that a healthy level of copper in your diet will help to improve your heart’s performance over time. Therefore, eating an avocado could occasionally help to keep your ticker healthy for years to come.

3. Avocado even tops banana in potassium levels

You’ll likely know that bananas are a fantastic source of potassium. However, the average avocado is likely to hold more potassium per 50g than the average banana – meaning that if you really don’t like the taste of bananas, you could make a tasty switch.

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4.   Avocados are packed with vitamin C

Avocados have stacks of vitamin C. It’s this which often gives the fruit its antioxidant status, particularly as vitamin C can help to empower cells against the threat of illness. It’s a real immunity-booster if you need it.

5. Avocado IS a SUPERFOOD

An avocado will host up to 20 different nutrients in the form of essential vitamins and minerals. Therefore, it’s seen by many as a superfood – small and mighty yet crammed full of antioxidant goodness. You’re likely to get stacks of B vitamins from eating avocados regularly.

6. Avocados are energy boosters

B6 vitamins in avocados will help you to make the most of the energy you receive. Therefore, the food power you get from eating an avocado is likely to last a long time. It could make for a great breakfast snack.

7. Avocados aren’t entirely edible

While an avocado might look like it’s full of fruit from the outside, much of it you are going to need to discard. For example, you can’t eat the rind, and the large seed in the middle is inedible. We wouldn’t even try it!

8. Avocados help keep you feeling full

Thanks to the fruit’s balance in fibre, protein and fats, many people eat avocado in order to feel fuller for longer. This, as many dieters and nutritionist will know, is key to staving off bad eating habits.

9. Avocado fat is healthy fat

The avocado receives a little bad press in the sense that it is a very fatty fruit. However, many nutritionists argue that the fat you receive from an avocado is the good kind. In fact, many will suggest that you try and replace bad or harmful saturated fats in recipes with avocado fats instead.

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10. Treat your bones and blood with care – eat an avocado!

You’ll also find that an avocado is a great source of vitamin K1. K1 is a diverse nutrient which can help to support both your bones and your blood. Therefore, if you have difficulty with clotting blood, introducing an avocado or two is likely to be a good support.

11. Avocados help treat arthritis

It’s thought that an avocado diet might also help to support people with arthritis. That’s because the fruit’s extracts may help to reduce the effects of the condition. Studies continue into whether or not an avocado itself is likely to help people with arthritis, but there has been discussion over the benefits of taking avocado oil, along with soybean oil.

12. They’re low in sugar

The avocado is also famously low in sugar. This means that many people use it to add to smoothies and desserts to add creaminess and texture.

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13. In fact, their sugar is useful

Specifically, avocados possess beneficial levels of D-Mannoheptulose. This type of sugar could help you to manage your own blood sugar, meaning it might be an asset to diabetic people.

14. Avocados are a good source of folate

Avocados are a great source of folate, which is beneficial to pregnant women and nursing mothers, as well as their babies. Folate is responsible for helping to build and support cells which are just emerging. During periods of life growth – particularly pregnancy – folate is crucial. You’ll find around 10% of the folate you need per day in just 50g of avocado.

15. Avocados are beneficial for your digestive system

An avocado is likely to possess around 3g of fibre per 50g, meaning a diet rich in the fruit may help you to maintain a healthy gut and digestive system.

Using an avocado skin as a holder for guacamole

16. Avocados work wonders for your health

On the whole, studies suggest that people who eat avocados regularly seem to be healthier. That, it’s suggested, may be related to the increased nutrients they receive from the fruit. However, as with all studies, it’s worth keeping in mind that health will differ from one person to another.

17. An avocado rich diet is your heart’s BEST friend

It’s thought that a diet rich in avocados will, in general, help to support people looking to improve their heart health. Cholesterol in the blood, for example, may reduce massively through regular consumption. Avocados may even help to reduce your body’s triglycerides, which, again, will help to improve the health of your heart and blood.

18. Avocados are belly killers!

It’s also thought that people who don’t eat avocados tend to have fatter bellies. You’re also potentially at risk of developing higher BMI levels, as well as weighing more. Once again, this data is derived from varying studies and research, meaning that other factors will, of course, come into play.

avocado on toast

19. Avocado can help treat infections

You’ll find that avocados are great sources for persenones, specifically A and B. But what do these actually do? They are further antioxidants! That means your humble avocado is even more likely to help you stave off certain cancers and to support your body in times of inflammation.

20. Turn to avocado for a sharp eye…

Avocados may also be beneficial for supporting healthy eyes as you grow older. That’s because they are a great source of lutein, which will help to ensure that your eyes stay sharp and healthy as the years go by. You’re going to need to rely more and more on your eyes and time goes on!

21. …and weight loss

Many people turn to avocados as assets towards long-term weight loss. The idea that the high fat content of an avocado could be harmful in this sense is a misnomer. As mentioned above, avocados have stacks of healthy fats. What’s more, the satiety factors mentioned above may help you to stop snacking and to stop falling back on comfort eating.

avocado nutrition facts

22. There are downsides?

However, it is worth noting that eating avocados can sometimes have drawbacks. For example, the fruit may actually produce allergic reactions in some people. Believe it or not, if you have a latex allergy, you might also find that you are allergic to avocados. This relates to a condition called latex-fruit syndrome.

It’s also thought that the long-chain carbohydrates in avocados may trigger people with irritable bowel syndrome. Therefore, it is always a good idea to research how your body may react to the fruit before leaping straight in!

23. Avocados fit perfectly in your workout shake

Many people who exercise and workout regularly will add avocados to protein-rich drinks and foods in an attempt to build up healthy muscle. Once again, an avocado is a great source of low-sugar creaminess, making it a brilliant dietary choice for those who want tasty treats without the guilt.

24. They’re even fit for a baby’s diet

Avocado is also likely to be a great early food for babies and children. That’s not only thanks to the fact that it’s crammed full of nutrients and good stuff, but also as a result of it being super-soft and easy to eat. You can mix it in and blend it with food that’s suitable for children who are just starting on solid food.

avocados as part of a healthy diet

25. Avocado provides lots of protein!

Avocados offer around 1g of protein per serving, however, that’s likely to be more than many other fruits.

26. Avocado is a rich source of vitamins

Avocados are also stacked with vitamin E, which is crucial for protecting your body’s tissues. Again, it’s another nutrient which is likely to promote a healthy heart, too, adding more weight behind the theory that avocado-based diets are amongst the healthiest for those with heart conditions.

You’ll also find that an avocado is a great source of thiamin. Thiamin is a B-vitamin, specifically B1, which is beneficial to helping to grow and maintain cells. It’s yet another reason why avocados are such great sources of nutrients for babies and children.

27. Nutritious AND tasty!

Avocados are not only popular as a result of their nutritional properties. They are really tasty! There’s a reason why so many people have taken to the fruit over the years. It also remains one of the most versatile of fruits, meaning you can mix it in with savoury dishes, put it in your smoothies and more. It’s also thick and creamy enough for you to use as a substitute for salty and unhealthy butters and creams in many cases!

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28. It’s better to prepare guacamole in your own kitchen

Of course, one of the most popular dishes avocado is used in is guacamole. However, be careful when you choose to buy guacamole from the supermarket, or if you sample it in a restaurant. Without making it yourself, you have little to no control over how much added salt or sugar is going into the mix!

29. Check out the online recipes!

Thankfully, there are plenty of healthy guacamole recipes online. It’s largely a case of mixing avocado with garlic and lime or other citrus fruit – however, different styles and recipes are obviously always going to vary. For that reason, make sure to do plenty of research!

30. Avocado studies

There have been many, many studies undertaken with avocados over the years. On the whole, the findings are very positive! Studies and research suggest, for example, that avocado could help to support people with diabetes, heart conditions, and those who may be at risk of developing certain blood conditions.

31. Personalise your nutrition for the best of results

However, it is always worth taking advice and guidance on avocados and nutrition with a pinch of salt – though not literally! Keep in mind that everyone

avocados baked with eggs
avocados baked with eggs

On the whole, an avocado is a fantastic source of many different nutrients. It’s gained an image over the years of being quite a faddy food. However, that status is fairly undeserved. Studies suggest that it’s one of the most nutrient-rich foods on the planet, and what’s more, it’s tasty with it.

If the above facts are anything to go by, it’s clear that an avocado diet is likely to benefit those people considered at risk of many different conditions. Pregnant women are likely to benefit hugely from an avocado or two during and after they give birth, and it’s a superb fruit to encourage children to eat from an early age.

The only bad rap that avocados really receive is the fact that it has high fat levels. However, ongoing studies always suggest that these are ‘good’ fats – which all our bodies require. Therefore, when researching new ways to set up a healthy diet, always make sure to read between the lines.

Never tried avocado before? Now’s the time to make a change. Take a look at some recipes and set your expectations accordingly!

FAQs about Avocados

Is it healthy to eat an avocado per day?

On the whole, yes - but they are full of carbs, too, so don’t overdo it!

When should you not eat an avocado?

Generally, you should avoid eating avocados when they are brown or mushy - they won’t be good!

Why does an avocado turn black after cutting?

It’s all to do with oxidization - it’s reacting to the air!

Do you know any fun facts about avocados?  Share them in the comments below!

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