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♔ 36 Brilliant Facts about Buckingham Palace ♔

Buckingham Palace is well-known as the official London residence of Her Majesty, The Queen. Apart from being a beloved tourist attraction, the Palace and its grounds serve as an official residence, an administrative centre, and an important location for hosting ceremonies and handling political affairs in the UK. Before you buy your sightseeing bus tour tickets and hop off at stop 19 on the yellow route, we’ve prepared 36 fun facts about Buckingham Palace that might come in handy…

1. The Duke of Buckingham, John Sheffield was the original owner of the palace

Hence the name! It became an official residence for sitting monarchs 76 years after King George III bought it, on the accession of Queen Victoria.

2. Buckingham Palace has 775 rooms

There are 775 different rooms in the Palace, 19 Staterooms, 52 Royal and guest bedrooms, 188 staff bedrooms, almost 100 offices, and an amazing number of 78 different bathrooms, too.

3. How about doors?

At last count, there are over 1,500 of them in the Palace.

interesting facts about Buckingham Palace

4. Floor space

The palace covers over 77,000 square meters of floor space.

5. The ballroom is the largest room

36.6 m long, 18m wide, and 13.5 m high, the ballroom earns the award for the largest room at this fascinating palace.

6. The first event in the ballroom

The celebration of the end of the Crimean War was the first event ever held in the Palace’s magnificent ballroom.

7. Investiture ceremonies

These ceremonies take place in the Royal Ballroom, including the famous ceremony wherein distinguished British citizens become knighted.

8. Woodrow Wilson was the first US President to visit Buckingham Palace

Therefore, American heads of state have only been visiting the Queen for around 100 years.

9. The Palace uses signals

The Palace uses a ‘flag signal’ to show when the Queen is in residence, if they are at home, the ‘Royal Standard’ flies atop the Palace and when she’s not around, the Union Jack flies, instead.

Buckingham Palace Facts

10. The architect was sacked

John Nash, responsible for the Palace’s current look chose to exceed budgets, and the officials fired him outright.

11. Secret tunnels

The Palace is built on top of a series of intricate, secret tunnels.  In fact, at one stage, a man was found to be living there by George VI.

12. Palace residents

It is not just the Queen and Prince Philip’s home it’s also the London domicile of Prince Edward and his wife Sophie of Wessex, as well as Prince Andrew, the Duke of York.

THe Royal Guard, wearing Bearskin hats

The Royal Guard

13. By order of King George V

During the First World War, Buckingham Palace joined in rationing efforts by order of King George V.

14. It survived 9 bombing raids

The Palace managed to survive up to nine separate bombing raids during the Second World War.

15. Can we interest you in a movie?

The Palace boasts many modern facilities including a full cinema, a cash machine, and even a Post Office and police station.

View of Buckingham Palace from the Mall

Buckingham Palace

16. The Palace garden has a private lake

In fact, the Palace boasts of many different features and facilities, like a private lake as well as a full-size tennis court.

17. The ‘balcony waving’ tradition

This interesting tradition was started by Queen Victoria in 1851 when a reigning monarch appeared on the balcony for the first time to greet the public.

18. A famous use of the balcony

Some of the most famous events when the balcony was used to greet the crowds are King George V’s appearance on the eve of World War I, or more recently, Kate Middleton and Prince William’s post-wedding kiss.

Tourists outside Buckingham Palace

19. The Palace’s size

Buckingham Palace grounds extend up to nearly 40 acres, gardens included.

20. Buckingham Palace location

It resides in the very heart of London, surrounded by the lavish St. James and Green Park.

21. The Palace’s original construction

Built as the Buckingham House in 1703, the palace was originally constructed by English Gentleman and architect William Winde as a large townhouse for Duke Buckingham.

Royal Guard Marching Band

Royal Guard Marching Band

22. The Queen’s House

The house earned its title The Queen’s House in 1761 when King George III bought the property as a private residence for Queen Charlotte.

23. 19th Century renovations

The Palace underwent renovations, adding three additional wings that surround a central courtyard.

24. London residence

In 1837, Buckingham Palace became the London residence of one of Britain’s most renowned and longest-reigning monarchs, Queen Victoria.

Interesting facts about Buckingham Palace

25. An intruder

In 1982, Michael Fagan broke into the Royal Residence, entering Queen Elizabeth II’s very own bedroom.

26. Who owns the Palace?

The Palace isn’t privately owned by The Queen, in fact, it’s held in trust by the Crown Estate.

27. “The Crown”

Despite the Netflix series “The Crown” placing many scenes within Buckingham Palace, the real palace was never used by the cast.

Funny Facts about Buckingham Palace

28. It’s open to the public

From late July to late September, the amazing Buckingham palace’s State Rooms are open to the public.

29. The State Rooms

When the palace is open to the public, the stateroom tour can take around 2-2.5 hours, giving tourists plenty of time to take in the palace’s beauty.

30. Changing of the Guard

The ceremony occurs just outside of Buckingham Palace at 10:45 and lasts around 45 minutes. The real handover between guards occurs at 11 a.m.

facts about Buckingham Palace

31. Military bands

Military bands accompany the guards at the ceremony playing play both traditional military music and a mix of popular music.

32. What’s the time?

There’s even a clockmaker employed by the palace who maintains over 350 clocks and watches.

33. Let there be light!

Over 40,000 light bulbs fill the entire Palace.

Amazing Facts Buckingham Palace

34. The Queen’s Golden Jubilee

In 2002, over 1 million people from all over the world attended The Queen’s Golden Jubilee.

35. Life and death

Edward VII remains the only monarch to both be born and pass away at Buckingham Palace.

36. Guests

Each year, a staggering number of over 50,000 guests are invited to the Palace.


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