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9 Blissful Facts about Buckinghamshire

Buckinghamshire is more than “just another county” in the heart of England – it’s well-known for its amazing historic gardens, its tunnel systems, and acres of National Trust land. It’s therefore perfect for anyone looking for a vacation to take them back in time or deep into the heart of true nature. Here are some fun facts about Buckinghamshire to inspire a visit or to help clear up any questions ahead of the next pub quiz!

1. Buckinghamshire is known as the National Trust capital of the UK.

National Trust locations are those protected in the interest of preserving history and nature – think of them as akin to the National Parks in the US. Buckinghamshire is famous for having more National Trust spots than any other British county, with popular sites such as Hartwell House, Waddesdon Manor, and West Wycombe Park all appealing to visitors.

2. Buckinghamshire offers a private getaway for Prime Ministers.

Buckinghamshire is well-known for being a regular vacation spot for British Prime Ministers thanks to the presence of Chequers, a mansion estate set up in 1921 close to the majestic Chiltern Hills. This private residence is exclusive for British leaders to enjoy, meaning Blair, Cameron, and Sunak have all had access to it.

3. Buckinghamshire grew Britain’s first pineapple!

Yes, Bucks even has pineapple production as a perk – as it was first cultivated here at Dorney Court on the back of a gift offered to King Charles II. The King enjoyed the luxury fruit so much, he decided to have the stalk planted for more to grow. It was a rare delicacy at the time!

Bletchley Park, home of the famous WW2 code-breakers.
Bletchley Park, home of the famous WW2 code-breakers.

4. It’s host to the oldest road in Britain.

The Ridgeway, widely regarded as the oldest road in the UK, links Ivinghoe Beacon to Overton Hill, therefore cutting through Buckinghamshire. The road is thought to have been used for over 5,000 years – and nowadays, you can even explore the trackway by foot. It thankfully hasn’t been totally modernized just yet!

5. The county’s named after its original landowners.

While it’s easy to believe that Buckinghamshire is named after someone with a name as extravagant as “Buckingham,” the land on which the county is based once belonged to a family called “Bucca” – and the name Buckinghamshire roughly translates as “Bucca’s Home.”

6. It’s a popular filming location for TV and movie productions.

Buckinghamshire is often used for film and TV shoots that require quaint English countrysides and rolling green backdrops. But, did you know that it’s also played host to the filming of movies such as those in the Star Wars and James Bond franchises, too? Fans of British murder mystery TV will also likely recognize some Bucks scenes from the long-running series Midsomer Murders.

7. Buckinghamshire is highly appealing to fans of classic English children’s literature.

Buckinghamshire is thought to have provided legendary English author Enid Blyton with lots of inspiration over the years. However, the area also has close links with Roald Dahl, author of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and dozens of other twisted yet entertaining books. There are lots of trails dedicated to these authors.

8. Buckinghamshire is the birthplace of the Paralympic Games.

It’s in Stoke Mandeville, Buckinghamshire, where the world’s first Paralympic Games were hosted back in 1948. The Games traditionally follow Olympic Summer Games festivals every four years, and now take place all over the world.

9. It’s home to the oldest model village on the planet.

If you’ve never had the fun of visiting a model village before, you are missing out! Buckinghamshire is a great place to experience your first model jaunt, however, as it’s home to the oldest model village in the world – in Beaconsfield. It’s around a century old!

Bekonscot model village, Buckinghamshire
Bekonscot model village, Buckinghamshire

FAQs about Buckinghamshire

Is it expensive to live in Buckinghamshire?

It’s reasonably expensive to live in Buckinghamshire. It’s thought to be one of the three most expensive counties to live in across the UK, largely thanks to the fact that it’s a popular retreat for people seeking to escape city hustle and bustle.

Is Buckinghamshire nice to live in?

Yes – Buckinghamshire has a fantastic reputation for stunning village scenes and green land, making it one of the most picturesque counties across the country.

What’s the capital of Buckinghamshire?

You’d be forgiven for thinking it was Buckingham – and it was, up until the 18th century, when county town status was assumed by Aylesbury instead.

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