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18 Cultural Facts about Cambodia

Looking to learn some interesting facts about the countries of the world? Impress your friends with these 21 fun facts about Cambodia!

1. Where is Cambodia, anyway?

Cambodia is a small, forest-rich country in South East Asia. It shares a border with Thailand to the northwest and north, to the northeast and Vietnam to the east and southeast. It also has a coastline along the Gulf of Thailand to the west and southwest.

2. It’s likely bigger than you think!

This stunning country has an area of 69,898 square miles (181,035 square kilometers).

3. Keep this number safe!

The international dialing code – if you’re calling friends and family out in Cambodia – is +855.

Phnom Penh at night

Phnom Penh at night

4. Cambodia is home to millions.

Cambodia’s population was 16.72 million in 2020.

5. What’s the capital of Cambodia?

The capital city is called Phnom Penh; it covers an area of 261.9 square miles (678.5 square kilometers) and has a population of 1.5 million (2012).

6. Flat… yet hilly?

The terrain here is mostly low, flat plains with mountains situated in the southwest and north.

7. Electricity is offered sparingly here.

Apparently, in rural areas, electricity is only supplied to households between the hours of 6.30pm to 9.30pm whilst local businesses and hotels rely more on generator power.

8. Grab that compass!

For a leisurely walk along an idyllic beach or an exploration into ancient monuments and cultures, head for the co-ordinates 11.5500° N, 104.9167° E for a Cambodian adventure!

9. It’s a tremendously tropical nation.

Cambodia enjoys a tropical climate with little temperature variation. There is a monsoon season from May to November and a dry season from December to April.

Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat

10. Yum… spiders?!

This country would seem to be full of residents who are not of a squeamish disposition because tarantula kebab (!) is considered a delicacy here, amongst many other creepy crawly dishes!

11. Live long and prosper!

The average life expectancy here is 69.29 years (2017).

12. Sole survivors!

Whilst visiting Cambodia, make sure your feet are always tucked underneath you whilst sitting, as it is considered rude for your soles to point towards others.

Cambodian monks

13. Keep it under your hat…

Be careful patting heads in Cambodia, too! The top of the head is regarded as the highest part of the body – and must not be touched, even in the kindest manner.

14. Funky mopeds!

There are nearly as many mopeds in Phnom Penh as there are people, so watch out when you cross the road!

15. Money, money…

To indulge in some incredible local delicacies including fresh coconut water, straight from the coconut, you’ll need some Cambodian Riel, the local currency. Interestingly though, US Dollars are also widely accepted here and are issued at ATMs!

Cambodian Riel

16. What do people speak in Cambodia?

Khmer is the official language of Cambodia, although French and English are also spoken.

17. One flag in a million!

Did you know, the Cambodian flag is the only flag in the world to feature a building?

18. Here’s some industry facts…

Cambodia grows rice, rubber, vegetables and corn. The country’s industry consists of tourism, rice milling, fishing, garments, wood and wood products – and exports timer, rubber, rice, fish, and garments.

Flag of Cambodia

Flag of Cambodia

FAQs about Cambodia

Is Cambodia safe to visit?

Generally, yes - Cambodia is fairly safe to visit. However, it’s said to have some issues with violent and petty crime, so it’s worth keeping on your guard!

Should I drink the water in Cambodia?

It’s worth avoiding the faucet water in Cambodia if you can - drink bottled wherever possible!

Are there beaches in Cambodia?

Yes! There are several delightful beaches in Cambodia, such as the Song Saa, the Koh Song, and the Koh Russei.

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