interesting facts about Cape Verde

14 Cool Facts about Cape Verde

Are you looking to enjoy a slower pace of life or simply wish to head off on a sunny holiday? Take a look at these fun facts about Cape Verde before you go!

1. Where is Cape Verde?

Cape Verde is a volcanic archipelago off the northwest coast of Africa.

Its nearest neighbors are the Western Sahara to the northeast, Mauritania, Senegal and Gambia to the east and Guinea-Bissau to the southeast.

2. Take the wheel!

If you’re heading off to spend time studying the volcanic islands of Cape Verde or you’d quite like to sample the local drinks on the stunning sandy beaches, head for the coordinates 15.1111° N, 23.6167° W to moor your boat on its golden shores.

3. Put your hiking boots on!

The terrain here is steep, rugged, rocky and volcanic! We must say, the beaches here are particularly beautiful!

Flag of Cape Verde

Flag of Cape Verde

4. It’s around the same size as your average English county.

The total land area of Cape Verde is 1,558 square miles (4,036 square kilometers). That’s slightly larger than Cornwall.

5. It has a well-balanced population.

Cape Verde’s population was 555,988 in 2020…that’s also around the same population as Cornwall.

6. What’s the capital of Cape Verde?

The capital is Praia; it had a population of 131,7179 in 2010.

7. It barely rains here!

Cape Verdeans enjoy a temperate climate with very little rainfall throughout the year.

8. Cape Verde is very popular with divers.

Thanks to the crystal clear waters and natural winds the coastline surrounding Cape Verde is one of the best places in the world for windsurfing, kite surfing and scuba diving!

9. What do people speak in Cape Verde?

The official language of Cape Verde is Portuguese …this is because Cape Verde only gained independence from Portugal in 1975!

fun facts about Cape Verde

10. Remember this when you change your money up.

Cape Verdean Escudo is the official currency here.

11. Life expectancy here is very healthy.

The average life span here is 72.98 years (2019).

12. Britain nearly invaded Cape Verde!

Apparently, during WWII Winston Churchill had planned to invade Cape Verde but the plans were called off at the last minute!

Cape Verde fort overlooking the Atlantic

13. Keep sharing your food!

It is considered rude to eat in public in Cape Verde without sharing your food, so either eat in private or be prepared to share your sandwich around!

14. What do people grow in Cape Verde?

Cape Verde grows bananas, corn, sweet potatoes and beans; they also catch fish here.

Its industry consists of fish processing, food, beverages, shoes, garments, tourism and salt mining.

Cape Verde exports shoes, garments, fuel, fish and hides.

Cape Verde Volcano

FAQs about Cape Verde

Is Cape Verde safe to live in?

Cape Verde is generally safe to visit and live in, however, there are theft concerns, so be careful!

Can you swim in the sea around Cape Verde?

Many people do, but it’s not always recommended. The sea surrounding Cape Verde is always likely to be strong due to volcanic activity.

Is Cape Verde technically a poor country?

Cape Verde is regarded as a fairly poor country on the whole, but it’s actually got some of the best quality of life measures on the continent.

Do you know any fun facts about Cape Verde?  Share them in the comments below!

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