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12 Interesting Facts about Carbon

Carbon is one of the most important elements for all living beings. It helps atoms bind together to make virtually everything… Us, animals, plants, rock and even plastics.  Here are 12 interesting facts about carbon.

  1. Carbon is one of the most abundant elements in the universe. It’s actually the fourth most abundant, right after hydrogen, helium and oxygen.
  2. It has a chemical sign of C and an atomic number of 6.
  3. Carbon is believed to stem from a process known as supernova nucleosynthesis. This is the build-up of alpha particles in supernova explosions.
  4. Although carbon has been used as coal for thousands of years, Antoine Lavoisier had shown us that it was a chemical entity in 1772.
  5. The word “carbon” is believed to be derived from the French word “charbon” or coal.

facts about carbon

  1. Carbon makes up all life forms. In fact, 20% of your body is made up of carbon.
  2. Despite it being a part of all life forms, it can also be inorganic. For example, it associates itself with oxygen and other elements to form parts of the inanimate world. These include minerals and rocks.
  3. Carbon can be found in four major forms: Diamonds, Graphene, Graphite and Fullerenes.
  1. Too much carbon is changing the world. Carbon dioxide (CO2) is an essential gas, making the planet warm enough to sustain life. However, burning fossil fuels leads to the release of more carbon dioxide. This has been directly linked to global warming and climate change. Numerous ways to remove and store CO2 have been proposed in the past.
  2. The highest melting/sublimation point belongs to carbon.
  3. Pure carbon has been widely known since prehistoric times and it exists in free nature.
  4. Carbon is non-metal and can bind itself with many other chemical elements. It is estimated that over ten million compounds can be formed when carbon binds with other elements.

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  • jobie steppe says:

    Dark matter is created when light burns out and creates carbon which fills the cosmos in all directions. Gravity isn’t an entity that pulls objects to earth and other planets, rather objects containing mass are pushed about throughout the universe and cosmos which push objects onto the surface of planets and all about. If a match is lit inside a structure which light cannot penetrate the energy from the match will push darkness, dark matter through the floor, walls & roof and when the match burns out dark matter will return. Carbon loses mass & energy when excited with critical heat and can continue to produce light & heat energy numerous times. Before long, this ability will be harnessed, and carbon will become of great benefit to planet earth and humans as Co2 will be transformed into a solid as batteries discharge and utilized again and again as an efficient energy source.

  • T Rex says:

    Are you an alien?
    If yes, can you help us speed up the process? 😁✌️👽

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