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12 Crazy Facts about Chablis

Chablis is one of the most famous and most delicious wines produced – popularly enjoyed with fish, it’s one of many marvelous bottled beauties France sells all over the globe. Here are some fun facts about Chablis that might just impress you!

1. Chablis or Chardonnay?

Chablis and Chardonnay are closely connected, and that’s largely because Chablis making only ever uses the Chardonnay grape! In fact, there’s an American recipe that uses Chardonnay as a Chablis base.

2. How do you store Chablis?

Chablis is commonly stored in barrels – however, that’s not always the case. Did you know that barrel material can affect the taste of the wine? Oddly enough, some Chablis drinkers look for the wine stored in a particular way.

3. You can’t rush art!

Chablis is generally stored for around five or six years before it’s shipped. This is the aging process – and yes, those in the know really will measure the barrelling precisely.

Vineyards in Burgundy, France

4. We have monks to thank!

The Chablis district is found down in Burgundy, in France. However, did you know that vine growth in the region came about thanks to the Romans? Ancient winemakers started growing the vines out here until they passed work onto monasteries that were set up here in centuries to come. We have grape-pressing monks to thank for Chablis!

5. A Viking invasion kick-started Chablis production.

The monks that started growing vines out in Chablis were actually seeking refuge from the Vikings. Were it not for Vikings invading France, we wouldn’t have Chablis as we know it today.

6. It’s extremely popular out east.

Japan absolutely adores Chablis as a wine. It’s said to be a great complement to the national cuisine, and you will easily find bottles of it from bars to supermarkets.

7. Vines upon vines!

The biggest wine-making vineyard in Chablis is Les Clos. It’s around 61 acres large – that’s a lot of grapes to get pressing, we’re sure you’ll agree!

8. It’s a friend to fish.

Chablis blends well with a variety of meat. However, it’s the lighter cuts and whiter meats that do best with Chablis on the side. Fish, as mentioned, tends to be popular, but chicken, too, is a great choice.

9. It’s hardly an intense drink.

Chablis is seen as one of the milder, more delicate wines to taste. It’s partly why people enjoy drinking it with gently spiced food. Too much spice, and you won’t be able to taste the Chablis!

Picking grapes to make wine with

10. What does Chablis smell and taste like?

Not a wine taster? Here are some shortcuts to what you can expect from Chablis. Experts suggest it smells like flowers, but tastes like pears. A heady mix!

11. It can make a meal, a cocktail – you name it!

Chablis is an amazingly versatile wine, in fact. You can serve it as part of the popular Mimosa cocktail, for example – if you don’t have champagne to hand, Chablis does just as well.

You’ll also find that Chablis is a great choice for all kinds of sweet and savory dishes. The fact it doesn’t have a strong or overpowering flavor means it can make a great sauce. Give it a go!

12. Here’s how long you can keep Chablis for.

You can keep Chablis for a long time. Five or six years tends to be a healthy shelf life – so that’s around 10-12 years after the grapes have been pressed.

a selection of bottles of Chablis

FAQs about Chablis

Is Chablis a good wine all year round?

Yes - it’s one of the best wines to enjoy without having to worry about the season.

Is Chablis expensive to buy?

That all depends - a Premier Cru Chablis will be very pricey - but it’s generally affordable on the whole.

Is Chablis the best white wine?

That’s a matter of taste! However, many experts claim that Chablis is the easiest wine to blend with a meal.

Do you know any fun facts about Chablis? Share them in the comments below!

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