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10 Delicious Facts about Coconut Milk

If there’s one natural resource that has seen a real boom over the past few years, it’s coconuts.  These hairy blighters are thought to have amazing health benefits.

From butter and oil to milk and flavorings, coconut is something that modern foodies and health fanatics are likely to keep buying into for many years to come.  But just how healthy is coconut milk?  What are some facts and figures you should know about the milk of a coconut?  Read on for 10 interesting facts about coconut milk…

  1. Studies suggest that coconut milk is fantastic at aiding weight loss. This, it is thought, has a lot to do with medium chain triglycerides.  MCTs are thought to increase the body’s sensitivity to insulin.  What’s more, studies showed that people who ate MCTs in the morning were unlikely to eat more later in the day.
  2. Coconut milk is thought to be chock-full of minerals and electrolytes. For example, the level of magnesium in the milk is said to be extremely beneficial for everyday immunity.  Phosphorous in the milk, too, is said to be beneficial in helping to maintain healthy bones, teeth and more.
  3. Some studies suggest that a diet rich in coconut milk may also help to stave off anaemia. That’s because the milk has plenty of iron, which can help you maintain a healthy level of red blood cells.

interesting facts about coconut milk

  1. A single cup of coconut milk is, however, fairly high in calories as well as fat. You’ll find 445kcal per cup, with a stonking 48.2g of fat per similar serving.  There’s around 4.6g of protein, too, though this may not be enough to offset the calorie and fat damage.
  2. However, nutritional values can differ from source to source. Be sure to look for unsweetened coconut milk wherever possible, as sweetened milk is likely to ramp up the added sugars – and we all know how bad those can be!
  1. Despite the amount of fat in an average cup of coconut milk, research appears to suggest that it may not be as bad for people with high cholesterol as we initially assume. However, do always take studies with a pinch of salt, and read widely!
  2. Researchers also suggest that the amount of lauric acid in coconut milk may help to destroy cancer cells. That’s because they may actually help to inhibit their growth.  Once again, studies and findings will always vary!

facts about coconut milk

  1. Some may also find that coconut milk could also help to reduce inflammation. Again, studies are widespread and various – however, it may help to reduce joint pain, too.  Some may choose to use coconut milk to sweeten drinks opposed to sugar or cream for this very reason.
  2. It’s possible for you to order coconut milk in your drinks at many popular coffee houses and chains, such as Costa and Starbucks.
  3. Some studies also suggest that drinking coconut milk may help to keep you mentally focused. This is because the fatty acids in the milk could help to provide energy specific only to the brain.

Do you know any interesting facts about coconut milk nutrition?  Share them in the comments below!

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