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27 Incredible Facts about Coconuts

Feeling hungover: “Put the lime in the coconut, you drank ’em bot’ up”! Drink and sing along! We can all benefit from the coconut at some point in our lives, not just to cure our hangovers. That’s because the medicinal wonders of this fantastic fruit are endless. The coconut, known as the ‘tree of life’ can also be used to make armour, instruments, art, drinks, food, fuel, and fibre. Is that all? Are there other benefits? These 27 facts about coconuts will give you the answers you seek!

  1. When the Portuguese sailors of Vasco da Gama first encountered the coconut, the hard shell reminded them of a skull and the mythical creature the Coco, hence the name coconut.
  2. The National Geographic Society in 2011 showed that the coconut originated in India and Southeast Asia.
  3. Literary evidence from the Ramayana and Sri Lankan chronicles indicate that the coconut was present in South Asia before the 1st century BC.

fun facts about coconuts

  1. Botanically, the coconut is classified as a fruit – more specifically, it is a drupe. Drupes are more commonly called stone fruits.
  2. In the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail from 1975, Terry Jones, a Welsh actor and director, said they clapped two dried coconut shells together in rhythm to capture the sound of horses trotting on the pavement.
  3. In April 2007 the largest coconut ensemble was held with 5,877 people in London. They played it to the Monty Python hit ‘Always Look on the Bright Side of Life’.
  1. Coconuts, in different forms, are anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-parasite.
  2. On average, three and a half cups of coconut equals to 1 tbsp. (25 grams) of fibre. This is the recommended daily amount of fibre an adult should have.
  3. The coconut palm is the national tree of the Maldives.

coconut facts

  1. In 2013 police in the Maldives took possession of coconut due to a belief that it had been cursed with black magic!
  2. In 2016 there were over 59 million tons of coconuts produced worldwide.
  3. Falling coconuts kill 150 people every year – 10 times the number of people killed by sharks.
  4. May 8th is the National Coconut Cream Pie Day.
  5. The largest producers of coconuts are Indonesia, the Philippines, and India.
  6. Coconut oil was the world’s leading vegetable oil until soybean oil took over in the 1960s.

interesting facts about coconuts

  1. Coconut oil contains MCTs, medium-chain triglycerides which are easy to digest. The oil is a source of energy and has an accelerating effect on the metabolism. Coconut oil is very healthy and good for your heart.
  2. Coconut oil has swept the beauty world with so many celebrities and iconic figures swearing by it including Eva Mendes and Priyanka Chopra.
  3. People have used coconut fibres over the centuries to construct robust armour. This includes the natives of the Kiribati islands, who used woven coconut string to build their suits.
  4. During the Pacific War of 1941-45, coconut water was used to give emergency plasma transfusions to wounded soldiers.
  5. The husk of coconut can be burnt to act as a natural mosquito repellent, a process used in many countries around the world.
  6. Coconut oil also contains four growth hormones, called cytokinins, and three sets of chromosomes that help the development of many organisms.  Coconut water is considered the ‘father of modern tissue culture science’. Currently, research is being done to see if coconut can be used in hair regrowth and anti-aging cosmetics.

Interesting coconut facts

  1. The coconut bra, famous for being a feature of the Hawaiian hula girl, is not native to Hawaii. The garment is a western idea that is not an authentic Hawaiian item.
  2. The former president of the Philippines, Ferdinand Marcos, commissioned a coconut palace to be built in preparation for the Pope’s visit in 1981. 70% of the palace was constructed from coconut lumber. Coconut trees are incorporated into the architecture and design as well.
  3. Artists from around the world have turned coconuts into canvases. They use dried coconuts and carve them creating unique art pieces.

Fun Coconut Facts

  1. Coconut trees are one of the only plants that can produce enough oil to meet the needs of an alternative biofuel.
  2. There is absolutely no other scent in the world that can transport you to the tropics like coconut. This is partly because many suntan lotions use the scent, so the smell of coconut triggers images of sun, sand, and sea even for people who have never been to the tropics.
  3. Want to travel to the tropics without leaving the comfort of your home? These coconut scented fragrances are just what you need:
  • Soleil Blanc by Tom Ford (Unisex)
  • Virgin Island Water by Creed (Unisex)
  • Un Bois Vanille by Serge Lutens (Unisex)
  • Coccobello by James Heeley (Unisex)

Do you have any interesting or fun facts about coconuts that we’ve missed? Share them here in the comments section below!

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