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16 Interesting Facts about Dementia

Dementia is a neurological condition that affects millions of people all over the world. Regrettably, it is often difficult to spot early, and its effects can cause much emotional distress to both sufferers and their loved ones. Research into the condition is very much ongoing – however, there is also a lot of misinformation out there. Let’s take a look at some interesting facts about dementia.

1. Dementia doesn’t always come with age.

Dementia is not a given part of the aging process. It can affect people of all ages, both men and women, though it is often associated with old age. 10% of those diagnosed are actually younger than 65.

2. There are different types of dementia.

Dementia has many different forms and types. Its most common types include vascular, lew body, and frontotemporal.

3. It is not always about memory loss.

Dementia can affect personality and conduct as well as memory. Memory loss is seen as a major symptom of the condition, which is technically a syndrome. It generally affects one’s ability to think and process everyday tasks.

facts about the dementia

4. Dementia may be growing.

The global effect of dementia is enormous. It’s said that within three decades, 152 million people will already be suffering with the condition. This is a shocking figure given that 50 million people, currently, are living diagnosed with the syndrome.

5. However, there may be data that suggests otherwise.

Despite this, trends suggest that there may be a decrease in play. Some data correlations show a decrease in the syndrome by up to 15% per decade.

6. Dementia treatment is not simple.

Treatment of dementia is complex – it is costing global healthcare around $800 billion, globally, and effective treatment revolves around early diagnosis.

7. Alzheimer’s Disease is a major form of dementia.

Alzheimer’s Disease makes up the vast majority of dementia diagnoses, and it also affects more women than it does men, based on US statistics.

8. We may soon be vaccinated against dementia.

There are already research and development plans underway to try and develop a vaccine that can protect against Alzheimer’s Disease. At the time of writing, this is very much in its infancy.

9. Dementia can lead to elderly mortality.

In the US, it’s thought that dementia contributes to around a third of deaths of elderly people.

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10. There’s no clear roadmap for dementia.

Dementia can be triggered in many different ways. For example, it may be triggered by heart disease, according to intensive study.

11. There are ways to find respite.

Many people suffering with dementia may find some respite through sensory care and triggers, though not all sufferers respond in such a way – it is a highly complex condition.

12. It can affect people physically as well as mentally.

Dementia can result in loss of independent thinking as well as mobility, meaning that in many cases, in-house care can become necessary.

interesting facts on demential

13. Dementia diagnoses occur frequently.

It’s thought that, every three seconds, there is a new case of dementia diagnosed, globally.

14. Dementia can arise in three stages.

Dementia may generally occur in three clear stages. It can start with memory problems, leading on to general cognitive concerns, before sufferers need assistance living day to day.

15. There is no way to reverse dementia.

At present, there is no known way to ‘cure’ or ‘reverse’ dementia. However, there is extensive, ongoing research into how to prevent or offset dementia development, as well as how to better care for people who may be suffering.

16. It’s a big problem in the US.

Dementia remains a rare entity in that it is a major cause of mortality, in America, without there being a cure or treatment evident.

facts about the dementia

FAQs about Dementia

What does dementia do to people?

People who suffer from dementia start to have problems with memory loss and everyday thinking, as well as the ability to reason independently.

How long can people live for dementia for?

Regardless of care, people with dementia can live for up to 20 years after receiving diagnosis. However, cases will vary.

Does dementia get worse over time?

Yes - dementia is, regrettably, a progressive syndrome, meaning it worsens as time goes on.

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