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12 Useful Facts About Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing can be a challenging undertaking for businesses. The internet is constantly changing, and staying up to date with the latest trends within the market is necessary to keep your business growing and developing.

Marketing strategies have to address digital channels. Things like content and blogs, SEO, video, and social media are direct pathways to engage customers and bring traffic to your business’s product or service. The strategy revolves around visibility so that your ideal customers will turn into prospects and new opportunities to drive more profitability.

Here are 12 valuable facts that you should know when it comes to Digital Marketing.

1. Video is boss

Video is by far one of the best, if not the best, way to grow your business. If video is not a part of your digital marketing strategy, this needs to be a priority. According to a recent study performed by Cisco, a whopping 82% of consumer internet traffic will be video this year. Video is easier to consume and faster at providing content and information and providing an overall tone and theme that brings clarity to the message coming across.

2. Search engines drive high website traffic

Getting a handle on your SEO or Search Engine Optimization is crucial in digital marketing. Kudos if you can create your business model to incorporate a video platform (as mentioned above) to produce a video thumbnail within your results because that can double your search traffic.

When agencies white label SEO services, it makes it challenging to educate consumers, so it is also important to note that utilizing your own in-house teams to create and manage your SEO will aid your digital marketing strategies as well. Communicating as directly with your target audience as possible will help supply those SEO tactics.

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3. Blogs are important

Websites with blogs have demonstrated more influence with purchasing decisions from buyers. Better content within your blog will drive more traffic, so pay attention to SEO when creating your various articles and make your content relevant and engaging for your target demographic.

4. Mobile-friendly content is a good idea

Emails are primarily being read more through mobile devices than on PCs or Desktops. Since people are reading and searching through their smartphones, this means with your digital marketing you should ensure that all of your landing pages, websites, blogs, etc., are geared to be device-friendly. People tend to click off or leave a site that is difficult to view on their smartphone.

5. Customized emails perform well

Email lists should be an essential tool within your digital marketing strategy, as it is one of the best ways to connect with your customer directly. Emails that include your customer’s name will perform better over a generic message. It is also helpful to know that sending too many emails to customers tends to result in an “unsubscribe.”

Chart showcasing the top 3 reasons for unsubscribing

6. Attention spans only last 8 seconds

You only get 8 seconds to grab someone’s attention and pull them in. That is almost no time at all! You have to make sure you are optimizing and updating your digital marketing techniques and tools as frequently as possible to ensure you are catching their eye.

7. Link building is tricky

According to 65% of marketers, link building is the most difficult SEO tactic. Organizations who understand and utilize their link building properly to navigate easily between pages seem to gain the best traffic and loyal customers in the long term.

A visual representation of a website linking to other sites

8. Social media is where your customers want help

Social media platforms are great for digital marketing strategy campaigns to launch. You can create ads or develop campaigns within engaging posts and content to attract and generate new leads. However, it is essential to note that you should also be using your social media to handle your customer service needs.

Over 90% of customers who message complaints about social media receive responses or help with their issues. Many customers prefer the help over social media or email, maybe because it is easier than waiting for long periods over the phone on hold!

9. Reviews and customer recommendations help growth

By servicing your customers in the best possible way, another aspect of your digital marketing should involve asking for a review or feedback and recommendations from those happy customers (as well as the unhappy ones). 88% of customers are influenced by online reviews from other customers when making a buying decision.

10. Quality content is more attractive to consumers

People want content, and brands are expected to create the most compelling videos and images to attract customers into diving into that content. But then your content needs to keep their interest once they start reading, so you need to spend some time developing the quality of the content posted within your digital marketing and SEO strategy. High-quality content is arguably the most efficient SEO tactic. Your goal should make it relevant to your audience and create trust to believe in your product/service.

Marketing team discussing an initiative

11. Social selling brings in more leads

Sales tactics are another area that can be addressed through digital marketing techniques and tactics. Selling has to appeal to the changing behaviors of customers, and using social networking and platforms to connect and engage with prospective buyers makes it easier for sales representatives to achieve their quotas by almost 98%.

12. Embracing technology is challenging

Even though many businesses and brands are investing in digital technology and digital strategies, many of them feel that they will keep up with the pace and speed of changes. It might be helpful if more businesses and brands consider expanding and emerging their technology divisions or departments.

It seems like it wasn’t long ago that forms of communication were more direct and straightforward. Businesses now have to deliver integrative and consistent experiences with their target audience through multiple channels and methods. How does your business stack up against the competition?

Do you know any fun facts about digital marketing? Share them in the comments below!

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