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13 Exhilarating Facts About Ecuador

Hot, humid, and replete with amazing wildlife and beautiful landscapes, Ecuador can be found deep in the heart of South America, towards the west coast.

Whether you’ve heard of the country thanks to its links to evolutionary theory, or you just fancy taking a trip somewhere sweltering in the near future, here are some fun facts about Ecuador you may not know about already!

1. Its name is fitting, and gives away its location.

Ecuador takes its name from the Spanish word meaning ‘equator’.The equator runs through the country, fittingly – and that explains the temperatures!

2. It’s paradise for wildlife and plant lovers.

Ecuador’s famous for its amazing biodiversity. Whether you fancy traversing the Andean highlands or traipsing across Galapagos, this is a highly dramatic and enchanting country.

3. Quito is a fascinating capital city.

The capital city of Ecuador, Quito, is an interesting place in its own right. Travel 45 minutes from its center and you can experience a phenomenon not many people on the planet can have – you can have one foot on the northern hemisphere and the other on the southern hemisphere!

Flag of Ecuador

Flag of Ecuador

4. Ecuador has impressed UNESCO – doubly so.

UNESCO’s recognized Ecuador twice for its World Heritage List. It’s not only registered the Galapagos Islands, but the capital of Quito, too!

5. Peru and Ecuador weren’t friendly for a long time.

Peru and Ecuador were technically at war with each other for many years. Thankfully, problems between the territories were settled in 1999.

6. Darwin’s important writings took place here.

Charles Darwin famously visited Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands via his ship, the HMS Beagle. It was during these trips that he was inspired to write his book, On The Origin of Species, the cornerstone of evolutionary theory!

7. Panama hats aren’t from Panama…

If you wear a Panama hat expecting it to be genuinely Panamanian, get ready to be disappointed – or surprised, at least! Panama hats actually hail from Ecuador!

8. Lots of people live here – but have you seen the wildlife numbers?

Ecuador was home to more than 18 million people in 2022, but that’s nothing compared to the wildlife. There are 138 different amphibian species and 106 endemic reptile species here, too!

9. It’s thought to be almost unbeatably diverse as a country.

Ecuador is regarded as such a biodiverse state that no other country on Earth has its variety per square mile. It’s thought that, for example, you will find 15% of all the world’s species of bird in Ecuador – amazing stuff!

A parrot in the rainforests of Ecuador

10. There’s a volcano here that almost certainly erupts, yearly.

Cotopaxi is a famous volcano in Ecuador that, shockingly, erupts like clockwork. It’s said to have blown its top 50 times in 50 years – and shows no signs of slowing down. It’s huge at a height of 19,347 feet!

11. Predictable – but that’s not always a bad thing!

Ecuador is fairly unique in that sunrise and sunset are equal across the year. You’ll generally see the sun appear at 6am, and go down at 6pm.

12. Get into the Ecuadorian groove!

Ecuador’s famous for its national music – specifically the Passilo genre, well worth getting into when you next make a visit!

Quito, Ecuador

Quito, Ecuador

13. They broke free from Incan reign.

Ecuador was once a claim for the Incan Empire, however, it broke free and became independent in 1822, almost 400 years after they first resisted invasion. Well worth holding out for, we’d say!

FAQs about Ecuador

What is the name of the tallest mountain in Ecuador?

The tallest mountain of Ecuador is called Chimboro. Its summit reaches 20,560 feet above sea level. Due to the shape of our planet, this means the top of this mountain is also the furthest point from the Earth's core!

What made Rosalia Artega famous in Ecuador?

Rosalia Artega was the first female President of Ecuador. She lasted just two days in the role, from February 9th to February 11th, 1996! In 1998, she stood again for election but received only three percent of the vote.

What is unique about Quito as a capital city?

It is the highest capital city in the world, situated at a height of 9,350 feet above sea level. Don’t get dizzy when you next vacation here!

Do you know any fun facts about Ecuador? Share them in the comments below!

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