Fun facts about go karting

10 Blistering Facts about Go-Karting

And they’re off! Go-karting is fast, furious, and tons of fun. In fact, for many people, it’s a route into professional motorsports! Whether you love to watch it, occasionally get behind the wheel yourself, or simply enjoy the odd spin on Mario Kart every so often, here are some fun facts about go-karting you’ll want to remember.

1. Go-karting is a great start!

Any fan of motorsports knows that many of the world’s fastest and best racing drivers started out in go-karting! Some of the most famous ones who came from go-karting include Lewis Hamilton, Michael Schumacher, Ayrton Senna, and Charles LeClerc.

2. Racers start pretty young!

Competitive racers who do make their way through go-karting often start very young. For example, Lewis Hamilton was only eight years old when he started go-karting, as was Charles Leclerc! They then worked their way up to becoming racing champions in their adult careers.

3. It’s a sport open to all.

One of the great things about go-karting is that you can start at almost any age provided you’re ready to put the pedal to the metal. You don’t need a license or any previous experience to get in a go-kart and have some fun.

Of course, children do tend to have slower karts than adults, but they can quickly grow into faster machines over time!

Fun Facts about Go-Karting

4. Which go-kart fits you best?

Although we all tend to have the same kind of visual idea when we think of go-karts, there are actually a few different types! Some of the different varieties of go-karts include off-road go-karts, pedal go-karts, electric go-karts, racing go-karts, and drift go-karts. Not sure what suits you best? Get into karting, and you’ll soon find out!

5. It’s seriously popular.

Much like professional motorsports, go-karting is immensely popular the world over. Whether taken on as a hobby or a competitive pursuit, many of us love to race! That is why it is believed that by about 2026, the go-kart market specifically will be worth over $185 million!

6. Go-karting is probably safer than you think.

Although go-karting may look dangerous, it can actually be perfectly safe! As long as you have the right safety gear and a qualified person setting up the kart, you’re ready to go. Of course, it always has risks, and it’s important to always be as careful as possible!

7. Here’s the safety equipment you’ll need.

To be as safe as possible in a go-kart, it’s important to wear as much of the recommended gear as you possibly can! Some of the best things to wear include a helmet, racing gloves, rib protectors, close-toed boots, and a neck brace. As annoying as some of it may be to wear, it can genuinely save your life if you crash!

8. Ready to level up?

One of the best things about go-karting is that you can absolutely evolve in the sport. This is thanks to the multiple classes you can take on to help hone your skills. Children can start driving competitively from about the age of five and can keep going well into adulthood! Adults in their fifties and sixties are known to still drive go-karts competitively!

9. Inside or outside?

One of the other great things about go-karting is that it can be enjoyed inside or outside! If you’re worried about the cold, then it should be easy enough to find an inside go-karting circuit!

Indoor go-karting fun facts

10. There’s no suspension!

One of the most interesting things about go-karts is that they have no suspensions! Their frames are flexible enough to support you while driving, which helps to keep your vehicle light and easy to move.

FAQs about Go-Karting

Is go-karting difficult?

Go-karting can be difficult, especially in the competitive stages. However, amateurs go all of the time to race for fun, and it is perfectly easy to get used to - there are only two pedals, the accelerator and the brake.

Is go-karting expensive?

Go-karting for fun can be an affordable experience. You can generally find go-kart tracks that charge from about $8 to about $20 per session. However, racing in go-karting competitively can quickly become very expensive!

Is go-karting good for you?

Yes, go-karting is very good for you! It’s great for burning calories and for testing your reflexes.

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