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12 Glittering Facts about Goldfish

For many of us, goldfish were our first pets. These friendly little creatures are known for being relaxing to watch and for having very short memories! But how true is that really? And how much do you know about these funny little fish? Here are some fun facts about goldfish that might just inspire you to adopt a few fin-tastic friends..

1. Goldfish were originally carp!

Goldfish, or carassius auratus, were originally domesticated species of wild carp. They were bred in China over a thousand years ago!

2. Goldfish come in all shapes and sizes.

Despite their very precise name, as you may know, goldfish are not always gold! In fact, they come in a wide range of colors and patterns, including red, orange, white, black, yellow, and calico.

3. They live for decades on end.

Although we tend to think of goldfish as being very temporary pets, some of them can live for a long time! With good care, goldfish can live for decades! Some varieties can even live up to 30 years!

Black Moor goldfish

A Black Moor goldfish

4. Goldfish will grow with their containers.

Goldfish can also grow to be a lot bigger than the little bowls we find in pet stores. Their size can vary hugely depending on their environment and genetics. Some can grow to be over a foot long, while others stay much smaller.

5. They are cold-water fish.

Goldfish are known as cold-water fish. This means that they prefer cooler water to tropical fish, for example. That’s why you should be careful when trying to house several different fish in one tank. Goldfish, sadly, will die if placed in water that’s too hot.

6. Goldfish don’t have stomachs.

Although you need to remember to feed your goldfish, they do not actually have stomachs! However, they do have simple digestive tracts, meaning the food they eat digests pretty quickly. No wonder they need so much cleaning out!

7. Goldfish actually have great memories.

A famous fact about goldfish is that they have a very short memory. However, it would appear that that is not, in fact, the case. It appears that goldfish can remember information for months and can even be trained to perform little tricks!

8. Goldfish are social animals.

Goldfish are relatively social animals. They like living with other goldfish and do not tend to do well alone – meaning if you can’t house two goldfish in the same tank, try introducing a tank toy or two!

9. Goldfish have fantastic eyesight.

Goldfish have good eyesight and can see a wide range of colors. They can even see ultraviolet light!

facts about goldfish

10. Goldfish lay eggs that stick to plant life.

Goldfish are known to spawn by releasing eggs and milt into the water. Their eggs are adhesive and can attach to plants and other surfaces until they hatch.

11. You need to account for a lot of space when housing goldfish.

Goldfish need lots of space and appropriate filtration and aeration to thrive. A good general rule to follow is to provide about 20 gallons of water for one goldfish and an additional 10-15 gallons for each additional specimen.

12. They can breathe on the surface of the water.

Goldfish, like many aquatic species, have gills to extract oxygen from water. However, they can breathe atmospheric oxygen directly from the water’s surface, too.

Goldfish Facts

FAQs about Goldfish

Are goldfish easy to keep alive?

Goldfish are known for being pretty easy to keep! However, you need to regularly make sure the water conditions are optimal, that your aquarium filter works as you expect it to, and that your fish are fed each day. However, it is also important not to overfeed them.

Can goldfish live with other fish?

Goldfish can generally live with most other community fish. However, the fish need to be larger than your goldfish specimen. That being said, they are not aggressive fish, and they do need to live with at least one other goldfish in order to survive.

Do I need to put anything in the water for goldfish?

If you are using tap water in your goldfish aquarium, then you will need to use a water conditioner. The water conditioner will help to neutralize the chemicals in the water, creating a healthier environment.

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