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12 Glittering Facts about Goldfish

Goldfish are some of the most unassuming critters you will ever keep as pets! For many people, they are the first animals they’ll keep at home. That’s because they are pretty low-maintenance – but there’s likely plenty about these orangey gilled wonders that you might not be aware of! Let’s take a look at 12 interesting facts about goldfish…

  1. It’s a common ‘fact’ that a goldfish’s memory resets every three seconds. However, tests have shown that some goldfish have been able to retain memories for months at a time! This myth leads to the common phrase that someone has a ‘memory like a goldfish’.
  2. Want to know the age of your goldfish? Just count its scale rings! These rings, called circuli, develop each year, though you’re going to need to take a look at your fish through a microscope to see them – something we don’t recommend!
  3. The facts you’ve heard about pet goldfish growing to huge sizes are true. It’s thought that common goldfish can grow up to two feet long – it all depends on environment, enclosure, diet and temperature.

facts about goldfish

  1. Strangely enough, goldfish can – and will – sleep with their eyes open. Don’t try this at home! They don’t have any choice – they don’t have eyelids!
  2. What’s more, goldfish don’t have stomachs. So how do they eat? Simple – one, single, solitary intestine – connected end to end. Ever wondered why your fish seems to poop soon after eating? Now you know.
  3. The collective noun for a group of goldfish is a troubling.
  1. Goldfish are smarter than you might think. For example, your pet is likely able to feel changes in the current and in water pressure before they actually happen. It’s like a built-in sonar, and it’s built-in thanks to the lateral lines on their skin.
  2. You can actually train goldfish to do tricks! It’s perhaps not as simple as you might expect with a pet dog, but they can press buttons if they know food is waiting for them. So much for a three-second memory!
  3. There are many different shades of goldfish. Most commonly, you’ll find that homes host orange fish in their tanks. However, they might have been yellowish if there hasn’t been an ancient Chinese decree banning citizens from owning fish of this color!

Goldfish Facts

  1. Goldfish are proven to have an ear for music. Testing shows that one group of fish associated food with a specific style of music being played – and when the music was switched out on one occasion during feeding time, they lost all interest!
  2. Goldfish are hardier than you think. The oldest goldfish on known record was Tish, a goldfish who lived to be 43 years old – Tish was originally a prize at a carnival back in 1956, and eventually passed away in 1999.
  3. It’s thought that goldfish can pay attention longer than most humans can! That’s why – even if you try – you’ll probably never beat your pet fish in a staring contest! We’d advise against it!

Do you have any interesting facts about goldfish that we’ve not mentioned?  Share them here in the comments section below!

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