Facts about greyhounds

16 Great Facts about Greyhounds

Greyhounds are some of the most rewarding pets we’ll ever care for – they are more than just racing dogs! This sleek, slender breed may seem timid, but they have a lot of love to offer. Here are some fun facts about greyhounds you’ll likely want to remember!

1. They are very smiley dogs!

Greyhounds have narrow faces with long slender snouts and often seem to smile!

Studies have shown they deliberately show their teeth during moments of joyful play or greeting friends.

2. They’re some of the easiest to work with.

Greyhounds are generally good natured and eager to please. This makes them usually easy to train.

3. Greyhounds are lightning quick!

After cheetahs, greyhounds take second place for speed of land mammals. They can reach speeds of up to 72 kilometers per hour!

facts about greyhounds

4. Big-hearted pups!

Of all dogs, it is the greyhound which has the biggest heart. This is capable of pumping more blood and thus transporting more oxygen, empowering these athletes to run extremely fast.

5. Take a deep breath…

Greyhounds have larger lungs than most other breeds, too. Their capacity to gulp in larger quantities of air is linked to the performance of their heart. Together, their heart and lungs satisfy the stressful demands on their body.

6. Can a greyhound fly?

During runs, studies have shown that greyhounds are airborne for a remarkable 75% of the time!

7. Greyhounds have stereoscopic vision.

This is the term used to describe their visionary performance. Greyhounds are known to have this special type of vision, meaning they see moving objects more clearly than those which are stationary.

8. A famous pet indeed!

A wide range of well known people own or have owned greyhounds. They include King Henry VIII, Queen Victoria, Babe Ruth, Cleopatra, Christopher Colombus, Teddy Roosevelt, Al Capone, Betty White, Leonard Nimoy, Bo Derek and Frank Sinatra.

9. They are built for fast travel.

Greyhounds have aerodynamic heads and tails which help them stay on track! They use their whip like tails as rudders. This means for turning and stability.

facts about greyhounds

10. Racing can lead to bodily changes.

Whilst greyhounds sometimes win races, they are also losers! They lose up to five pounds of body weight in some races!

11. They are generally pretty healthy!

Of all the breeds which have been thoroughly studied, greyhounds are known to have the fewest hereditary health issues.

12. Greyhounds are also eagle-eyed.

Studies have shown that greyhounds have excellent long range vision. They can focus on prey half a mile away!

facts about greyhounds

13. A biblical creature?

Greyhounds are the only dogs mentioned in the Bible. They appear in the King James version in 30-29-31. The Bible references three animals in this passage – the lion, the goat and the greyhound.

14. Anyone for whine?

Anyone interacting with greyhounds may have experienced them ‘whining’. Researchers believe that ‘whining’ is an attempt by some greyhounds to emulate our speech and join in the conversation!

15. No need for a trampoline!

A greyhound called Cinderella May features in the Guinness Book Of Records for jumping 68 inches high!

16. They have limited visual palettes.

It is known that greyhounds have limited recognition of color. This is because they only have two types of color receptive ‘cones’ – one in blue, and the other in yellow.

facts about greyhounds

FAQs about Greyhounds

What’s the most famous racing greyhound?

An astounding record breaker was called ‘Balleyregan Bob’, who was trained by Bob Curtis. This famous Greyhound won 32 consecutive races during the period between May 1983 and April 1994. He was dog of the year for 1985/86!

What colors are greyhounds?

Despite the name, greyhounds have coats of various colors including white, black, brindle, fawn and what is known as ‘blue’ and ‘red’.

Do greyhounds make good family pets?

Yes! Greyhounds are generally very easy going, happy dogs, making them perfect for family life. However, as with all dogs, they will require some training.

Do you know any interesting facts about greyhounds? Share them in the comments below!

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