interesting facts about Guam

🇬🇺 21 Grand Facts about Guam

Fancy yourself as a pub-quiz hero? Test yourself and brush up on your knowledge with these 21 fun facts about Guam!

Geographical stats…

  1. Guam is a small U.S. territory in Micronesia, located in the Western Pacific Ocean.
  2. Its nearest neighbors are Taiwan, China and South Korea to the northwest, Northern Mariana Island and Japan to the north, Wake Island and the Marshall Islands to the east, the Federated States of Micronesia to the southeast, Papua New Guinea and Indonesia to the south, Palau to the southwest and Philippines to the west.
  3. Follow the coordinates of 13.5000° N, 144.8000° E to set sail for the beautiful shores of Guam!
Facts about Guam

Flag of Guam

  1. The coastline of this beautiful country is covered in stunning coral reefs, whilst further inland the terrain features steep coastal cliffs and narrow coastal plains in the north, low hills in the centre and mountains in the south.
  2. The total land area of Guam is 210 square miles (544 square kilometers)…
  3. …that’s around twice the size of Birmingham.
  1. Guam’s population was 167,294 in 2019…
  2. …that’s only 1/7 of the population of Birmingham!
  3. Ever wondered what residents here are called? They’re known as Guamanians!

facts about guam

  1. The capital is Hagåtña; it covers an area of 0.9 square miles (2.3 square kilometers) and had a population of 143,000 in 2014.
  2. Guamanians enjoy a tropical marine climate with generally warm and humid weather with little seasonal temperature variation; there is also a rainy season from July to December.
  3. The deepest part of ocean in the world, the Mariana Trench, is an incredible 7 miles deep and located just 200 miles off the southwest coast of Guam!
  4. Due to the vast distance between the two U.S. territories, Guam is actually 20 hours ahead of Hawaii!
  5. Introduced by cargo ships around 60 years ago, the Brown Tree Snake has become one of the world’s most successful invasive species and is now a pest for many residents of Guam!

interesting facts about Guam

Social intricacies

  1. America took control of Guam from Spain in 1898 after 300 years of Spanish rule! The Japanese captured Guam for 31 months between 1941 and 1944, before America regained control.
  2. The official languages of Guam are English and Chamorro, although Filipino and other Pacific Island and Asian languages are also spoken here.
  3. As a U.S. overseas territory, the official currency of Guam is the U.S. Dollar.
  4. The average life span here is 79 years.

Facts about Guam

Industry insights…

  1. Guam grows fruits and vegetables; they also rear poultry, cattle and pigs.
  2. Its industry consists of tourism, construction, concrete products, transshipment services, food processing, printing, publishing and textiles.
  3. This picturesque country exports construction materials, fish, foodstuffs and beverages.


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