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7 Interesting Facts about Ice Age Animals

Due to the diverse wildlife found in Alaska, it is an exciting place to live. But imagine what it would be like to live there during the Ice Age, with woolly mammoths, Sabre-toothed tigers and other strange animals roaming around! Here’s a few interesting facts about Ice Age animals.

  1. Evolution was a little too slow for the Giant Short Faced Bears (GSFB), which led to their extinction. If, like other bears, they adapted for hibernation habits in the winter, they might still be around to this day. These bears are bigger than the black, grizzly and the polar bears, and were mammoth steppes of Ice Age Alaska. These bears were strictly carnivorous and hunted both large and small preys. They were generally taller than the bears of today, along with muscular and did not put on weight during the winter. They used their powerful and short jaws to eat the flesh and to crush the bones of their prey.
  2. The Sabre-toothed tiger weighed up to a whopping 450lb, and had fangs as long as 7 inches. They lived in both North and South America.
  3. The ground sloth that was elephant-sized, known as Megatherium, was one of the largest mammals to walk the planet.
  1. More than any other Ice Age animal in Alaska, the mammoth steppes were populated with Steppe bison. These animals migrated to North America from Asia, and the fossil number found in Alaska was observed to outnumber all other animals that lived there. Unlike the bison roaming around in the U.S. and Canada today, Steppe bison did not enormous shoulder humps nor massive heads. They looked more like a giant cow.
  2. The cave lion was about 25% bigger than the size of today’s lion. A male could weight up to 700lbs, while a female would weight up to 385lbs.
  3. Of all the Ice Age animals, the woolly mammoth is probably the most popular. They can be found everywhere – from books and movies to museums. The reason for their popularity is due to them being easy to discover. Bones of these mammoths are huge, and their tusks can grow as long as 12 feet. This makes them easy to discover. They had short hairy ears and tails, and a lot of fur on its head to keep them warm as they lived in the cold north of Alaska.
  4. Although the Mastodon looked similar to the woolly mammoth, it was a completely different creature. They first appeared around four million years ago, and they are a relative to the modern elephant.

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