interesting facts about Idaho

15 Interesting Facts about Idaho

Idaho is a rocky, north-western US state, which is mainly famous for its potatoes, its fishing and its vast wilderness.  However, if you’ve read our other fact files on US states, you will know that there is always more to US territories than may initially appear!  Take a look at these interesting facts about the state of Idaho we’ve lined up for you below.

  1. Idaho joined the union late into proceedings, being the 43rd state to receive admission in 1890.
  2. The state is also one of the least populous of all, ranking 39th out of 50. However, it is actually one of the largest.
  3. Idaho is famous for a variety of canyons, springs and rugged walks. For example, it is here where you will find the deepest gorge of its kind in the US, which is aptly called Hell’s Canyon.
Facts of Idaho

The Idaho State Flag

  1. The name ‘Idaho’ is thought to refer to the mountains. Experts believe the word roughly translates to ‘Gem of The Mountains’, while others claim it actually means ‘Land of Many Waters’.  In either case, both names are rather fitting!
  2. Aptly, Idaho is known as the Gem State. It’s thought that the region is one of the richest for various precious stones and minerals.
  3. The state borders six others in the northwest – Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Oregon, Montana and Washington.
  1. The state is home to a park which holds the densest collection of falcons, hawks and eagles. You will find these nesting birds out in the Birds of Prey Wildlife Area.
  2. There are many ghost towns in Idaho – those which have been abandoned for various reasons. Two of the most famous are the Sierra Silver Mine and Yankee Fork.
  3. There is a local legend in Bear Lake, Idaho, which has persisted for hundreds of years. It is said that the lake itself is home to a monster, and the story is told to children to this day.
  4. Idaho is home to the world’s longest boardwalk, the Lake Coeur d’Alene, which extends to over 3,000 feet. It also boasts the longest street of its kind in the US, in Island Park.
Interesting facts about Idaho

Bison grazing, Yellowstone National Park, Idaho, USA

  1. Adventurers are able to scale peaks in Idaho which will allow them to look over into at least four different states. Visitors to the Seven Devils’ Peaks will be able to scale Heaven’s Gate Lookout for the clear vantage point.
  2. Idaho is one of a few US states which have two time zones. You can measure both Mountain Time and Pacific Time in the state.
  3. Idaho has a state motto that translates into ‘This is Forever’.
  4. Sun Valley, Idaho, is often thought to be the birthplace of ski resorts in the USA.
  5. There is a building in Idaho which is heated purely by geothermal energy, thanks to hot springs. That building is the State Capitol – and it is the only building of its kind in the US to operate in such a way.

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