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16 Interesting Facts About Indonesia

Indonesia is an amazing hotbed of curious wildlife and cultural experiences – and it’s often pretty hot in itself! Sometimes referred to as the ‘Lost World’, Indonesia remains a hugely popular location for animal spotters and deep sea divers alike. Here’s some seriously fun facts about Indonesia!

1. It’s a polyglot nation.

Indonesia’s language coverage is amazing. There are thought to be more than 700 different languages spoken across the country!

2. It’s famous for volcanoes and huge bodies of water.

Indonesia is home to the biggest volcanic lake on Earth, with Lake Toba being around 100km in length, and at least 30km wide.

3. There are thousands and thousands of Indonesian islands.

Indonesia has approximately 18,000 different islands, covering more than 1.9 million square km.

Flag of Indonesia

Flag of Indonesia

4. Much of Indonesia goes unpopulated.

Bizarrely, around two thirds of all of Indonesia’s islands are uninhabited. Therefore, you really are venturing into the wilderness if you choose to explore them all!

5. They recognise a handful of religions.

Indonesia generally accepts there are six main religions people follow in the country. These religions include Buddhism, Catholicism, Hinduism, Islam, Protestantism and Confucianism.

6. However, one religion is more subscribed-to than others.

Indonesia is predominantly Muslim, with almost nine out of ten people there following Islam. It’s thought that more than 12% of all the Muslims living worldwide are based in Indonesia.

7. You can spot some rare beasts!

The Komodo dragon is native to Indonesia, however, you’ll only ever find the hefty beast on five of the 18,000 islands in the region. Strange but true!

8. UNESCO loves Indonesia.

UNESCO has designated around eight sites of World Heritage in Indonesia, including the rainforests down in Sumatra.

9. Don’t get too close…

Indonesia plays host to the biggest single flower species on the planet. That’s the Rafflesia arnoldi, which you’ll find down in Sumatra. However, it’s called the ‘corpse flower’ – we’ll let you guess what it smells like…

Komodo dragon

Komodo dragon

10. Don’t lose your head!

Indonesian head hunters used to display their trophies for all to see – and yes, they really did hunt for heads. This is mostly in the past now, however, you may find that are still some tribes that practice it on a few of the islands. Tread carefully.

11. The wildlife here is fairly unique.

You’ll only ever see orang-utans in the wild in two places globally – in the Sumatran rainforests of Indonesia, and on the island of Borneo.

12. What’s the capital of Indonesia?

Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia. Interestingly, it’s said to be the most ‘Instagrammed’ capital on the planet – beating back the likes of London, Paris and more!

Padar island, Indonesia

Padar island, Indonesia

13. It’s an extremely young nation.

It’s thought that the average age of the Indonesian populace is 30 years old – there are very few people who are older than 65 years of age here.

14. Tailbacks for miles…

Around 10 million people, total, call Jakarta their home – so it gets very crowded – there’s no railway system, meaning if you think you’ve been in some bad traffic jams before, you’ve yet to drive in Jakarta.

15. How do you call Indonesia?

If you want to get in touch with family and friends in Indonesia, you’ll need to use the dialling code of +62.

Fun Facts about Indonesia

16. What’s the main language of Indonesia?

Indonesians generally speak Bahasa, the official language nationwide. However, as mentioned, there are many different languages spoken here!

FAQs about Indonesia

Is Indonesia safe?

Indonesia is fairly safe to visit if you stick to the tourist zones, however, there are natural hazards, wildlife and more that you’ll need to be wary of.

Is Indonesia cheap to visit?

Relatively so - it’s thought that around $100 USD will cover you for around a week if you eat out.

What should I avoid doing in Indonesia?

Drinking alcohol publicly is illegal, and you should avoid making any jokes about religion. What’s more, respect the people and always be grateful!

Do you know any fun facts about Indonesia? Share them in the comments below!

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