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18 Interesting Facts about Isle of Man

Another British island with tax haven status – the Isle of Man is a small and notoriously rainy island that sits in-between Northern Ireland and Liverpool.  Here are 18 fun facts about Isle of Man!

1. The Isle of Man is British, but in the Irish Sea.

The Isle of Man is a self-governing British Crown dependency, located in the Irish Sea in Western Europe.

2. It’s right in the middle of the UK.

As an island it has no borders, however, its nearest neighbors are Scotland to the north, England to the east, Wales to the south, Ireland to the southwest and Northern Ireland to the northwest. The coordinates for Isle of Man are 54.2500° N, 4.5000°

3. Want to call the Isle of Man?

The international dialling code for the Isle of Man is +44 1624.

 Isle of Man 3 legged flag

Isle of Man Flag

4. The Isle of Man has varied geography.

The terrain here is mostly hilly in both the north and south, separated by a central valley. The total land area of Isle of Man is 221 square miles (572 square kilometers).

5. There are very few people living here!

Isle of Man’s population was 84,584 in 2019.

6. The people of the Isle of Man have specific names.

Locals are called Manxman or Manxwoman, the plurals of which are Manxmen, Manxwomen, or simply Manx – we wouldn’t have guessed it either!

7. What’s the capital of the Isle of Man?

The capital is Douglas which has a population of 27,938 (2011).

8. People live long, healthy lives here.

The average life span here is a healthy 77.97 years (2002).

9. The weather here is mixed to say the least.

Manx enjoy a temperate climate with cool summers and mild winters.

fireworks over Douglas, Isle of Man

Douglas, Isle of Man

10. They’re big on racing here.

Every year the Isle of Man is host to a number of unique festivals. The TT is one of the world’s most dangerous and exciting motorcycle races, whilst the World Tin Bath Championships is certainly one of the weirdest!

11. The curse of the rat!

Whilst visiting the island, you must never mention the word ‘rat’ – it is believed that if you dare to speak the name of the 4 legged rodent you will be burdened with a lifetime of bad luck! Instead, the rodent has been renamed ‘long tail’!

12. The Isle of Man is wonderful for stargazing.

Due to the very low level of light pollution, it is possible to view the Milky Way and occasionally the northern lights from the Isle of Man!

The docked Manx Cat

Manx Cat

13. What’s the official tongue here?

The official language of Isle of Man is English. Historically, Manx Gaelic would have been spoken here, however, only around 2% of the population can still speak this ancient language.

14. There’s a famous moggy here.

The Manx cat is famous the world over for its distinct lack of tail – in fact, there are two varieties of Manx cat; the ‘rumpy’ has no tail at all, whilst the ‘stumpy’ has a very small tail.

15. What can you spend on the island?

The Manx Pound is the official currency here, which is tied to Pound Sterling; GBP is also widely accepted here.

Cregneash, Isle of Man

Cregneash, Isle of Man

16. The island has a varied produce.

Isle of Man grows cereals and vegetables, rears cattle, pigs, sheep and poultry and catches fish.

17. The Isle of Man’s industry is impressively strong.

Its industry consists of tourism, financial services and light manufacturing. The Isle of Man also exports processed shellfish, herring, beef, lamb and tweed.

18. There was a capital before Douglas.

Castletown is the historic Manx capital, and is located at the south of the island.  It features an excellent example of a medieval castle built in the 10th Century by the Vikings.  The current population here is 3,109.

FAQs about The Isle of Man

Is the Isle of Man part of the UK?

Technically, no - while its residents are British, it is a self-governing island, and therefore separate from the UK.

Does the Isle of Man benefit from the NHS (National Health Service)?

Yes - UK residents can receive free medical treatment under the NHS when visiting - however, prescriptions for medicine are chargeable.

What is the Manx Pound?

The Manx Pound is the Isle of Man’s variation on the Pound Sterling - while you can spend GBP here, you can’t spend the Manx Pound on the UK mainland.

Do you know any fun facts about the Isle of Man?  Share them in the comments below!

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  • Keith Costain says:

    The Isle of Man also has the worlds largest working waterwheel (The Lady Isabella in Laxey), the worlds longest continous government, was the first country in the world to have polymer banknotes (in 1983) as legal tender (manx one pound note), and is home to the worlds smallest motor car – the Peel P50 manufactured in Peel by Cyril Cannell Esquire.

  • Greta colvin says:

    On three occasions, I have visited Northern Ireland; stayed in a friends place adjacent to the Irish Sea. That’s when for the first time, I saw the Isle of Mann. Since that time, I have always wanted to visit. How I love England and Ireland. No doubt, I would love the Isle.

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