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17 Jolly Facts About Jamaica

Want to learn a little more about the countries of the Caribbean? Impress your friends by learning these interesting facts about Jamaica!

1. Jamaica is a quintessential Caribbean island.

Jamaica is a luscious country in the Caribbean Sea. As an island it has no borders, however, its nearest countries are Cuba to the north, Dominican Republic to the east, South America to the south and Central America to the west.

2. But how big is Jamaica, exactly?

This rainforest-rich country has an area of 4,244 square miles (10,991 square kilometers). Jamaica’s population was 2.827 million in 2022.

3. What’s the capital of Jamaica?

The capital city is called Kingston; it covers an area of 185 square miles (480 square kilometers) and has a population of 1.243 million (2019).

Flag of Jamaica

Flag of Jamaica

4. There are plenty of peaks on the island.

The terrain here is mostly mountainous with coastal plains.

5. Jamaica is pretty easy to find.

For sun, sand and rum punch head for 18.1824° N, 77.3218° W, the coordinates of Jamaica.

6. Hot, hot, hot!

Jamaica enjoys a tropical climate with hot and humid weather on the coastline and a more temperate heat inland.

7. You’ll live a long and prosperous life here.

The average life expectancy here is a sunny 71.87 years (2020).

8. What can you spend on the island?

The currency of Jamaica is the Jamaican Dollar.

9. The official language of Jamaica should be familiar.

Conveniently, English is the official language of Jamaica! Patois is widely spoken, however, which is a mix of English and African Creole.

Waterfalls in Jamaica

10. There’s little that slithers out here.

Ophidiophobes (those who are scared of snakes) will be pleased to know that, thanks to the introduction of the Mongoose in 1872, snakes are a rare sight in Jamaica!

11. License to chill!

Did you know, Ian Fleming wrote the majority of the James Bond novels in Jamaica? We didn’t!

12. Yes, Jamaica DID send a team to the Winter Olympic Games!

Ever seen the film ‘Cool Runnings’? The film was based on a true story of how, in 1988, a Jamaican bobsleigh team was formed, making it the first tropical country to enter a winter event!

Rio Bueno District, Rio Bueno, Jamaica

Rio Bueno District, Rio Bueno, Jamaica

13. The island is the premier spot for bananas.

Apparently, Jamaica was the first commercial producer of bananas in the Western Hemisphere!

14. Astronomers, take note!

If you’re lucky enough, you may experience a ‘blue moon’ during your trip to Jamaica. It’s said that a sapphire colored moon has been observed around half a dozen times over the last 40 years!

15. Jamaica’s produce is pretty varied.

They grow sugarcane, bananas, coffee beans and citrus fruits and rear poultry here. The country’s industry consists of tourism, textiles, food processing and bauxite.

Jamaica exports bauxite, alumina, sugar, rum and bananas. Yum!

Blue Mountain Coffee, Jamaica

Blue Mountain Coffee, Jamaica

16. Ever tried Jamaica’s national dish?

The national dish of Jamaica is Ackee and Saltfish.  It’s made from the local fruit ackee and dried and salted cod. It is usually served with bread, fried dumplings or roasted breadfruit.

17. Want to call Jamaica?

The international dialling code for Jamaica is +1876.

FAQs about Jamaica

When is the best time to go to Jamaica for a vacation?

The best time to go to Jamaica is mid November to the end of December. The weather is generally good and there are fewer crowds than in the hotter drier period up to April.

Who is the most famous musician globally to have come from Jamaica?

The most famous musician to come from Jamaica is Bob Marley. Born in 1945, Bob Marley introduced reggae music to people throughout the world and his music is still popular today.!

Why Is Georgian architecture still popular in Jamaica?

Between 1750 and 1850, the Georgian style of building was copied because it withstood climatic extremes better than more traditional structures. Those include earthquakes and hurricanes!

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