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12 Joyous Facts about Jersey

The Channel Islands are home to some of the most fascinating communities in the British Isles – and Jersey is by far the biggest of them all. The astounding coastal escapes available here are always likely to appeal to those who want to look into a ‘staycation’ in the UK, but still fancy going a bit further than their home town or city!

Jersey is an island that’s rich in fascinating history as well as wonderful sights and green walks. Here are a few interesting facts about Jersey that might be completely new to you!

  1. Jersey’s fascinating history dates back to far beyond the creation of calendars – and it’s thought that there are prehistoric green trails deep below St Ouen’s Bay. That’s right – dig down deep enough, and you might just find a fabled lost forest.
  2. Jersey is well known for its unique food and drink exports. Of course, when visiting the island, you’ll also find that you can sample their fabulous fare up close! Some of the most popular exports from the region include their Royal Gin. Of course, many people in the UK eat Jersey potatoes regularly, too!
  3. There’s an odd ruling in place here regarding knitting during the months of July and August. Specifically, rules dating back to the 17th century claim that men are not allowed to knit for these summer months! It’s thought this all stems from knitters taking up too much time playing around with wool than actively harvesting crops!

Interesting facts about Jersey

  1. Jersey is still using pound notes – which haven’t been in circulation on the mainland for decades. However, you’ll still be able to use GBP on the island as you’d expect elsewhere in the country!
  2. Karl Marx is, of course, well-known as the father of the leftist movement that bears his name. However, did you know that the author of ‘The Capital’ preferred Jersey above all others as a holiday resort? Frankly, we really can’t blame him.
  3. The people of Jersey, as you can imagine, speak fluent English. That much is obvious! However, they do also have their own traditional language, which is a variant on French that was brought over with William the Conqueror and the Normans. It’s thought that this language was actually used as a covert way to avoid occupying German forces from understanding secret messages.
  1. Jersey is truly tiny – compared to the rest of the UK, anyway. It’s actually smaller than Greater London in terms of total area, at just nine miles lengthways, and five miles widthways. That said, the size of the island actually fluctuates regularly, with tides sweeping in and out to change the look of the community each day.
  2. King Charles II was exiled here, and during that time, he actually became reigning monarch on the island. It’s also stated at this time that he gave away a couple of colonies in America – which, fittingly, would become New Jersey.
  3. Despite its small size, Jersey is a hive for golfing. In fact, there are six different golf courses across the island, meaning that it’s likely to appeal to many people looking to work on their handicaps while on holiday! Time to tee up and take in the gorgeous views while you’re at it.

Fun facts about Jersey

  1. Jersey cows are, naturally, all over the island. However, you will also find the local breed of cattle all over the world, too. They are in fact regarded the second most widely bred cattle species – meaning that you’ll find some in Australasia, India, and the US.
  2. Jersey is home to curious home features known as ‘witch’s seats’. These are features of older homes across the island where it is thought the householders will allow witches in the area to rest on their way through the neighborhood. Naturally, residents believed this would help to protect them against spells and curses.
  3. As well as gin and potatoes, you’ll also find that Jersey is a large producer of seafood, both all the way across the Channel Islands and further into the UK. You’ll find that jersey crabs, oysters and lobster are commonly consumed far off the island’s shores – you may well have tasted more of Jersey than you might imagine!

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