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10 Joyous Facts about Jersey

Jersey Island is one of the most beautiful places around Britain, yet so many of us don’t know much about the territory. It’s a popular vacation spot – but what else does Jersey have to offer (and even hide)? Let’s take a look at some seriously fun facts about Jersey to dig into.

1. Is it a bird, is it a plane?

Although we all think of Krypton, Smallville, or Metropolis when we think of Superman, Jersey has a link to him too! That is to say that Superman actor Henry Cavill is from Jersey!

2. The cuisine here is fantastic.

For such a small island, Jersey is very well known for its food and drink! In fact, people come from all over to test their famous Royal Gin, and delicious Jersey potatoes. So, if you ever get the chance to visit, remember to bring your appetite!

3. What do people spend on Jersey?

Although Jersey is very much a part of the UK, you have to use a different type currency here! Jersey uses the Jersey Pound, which is similar but still different legal tender to GBP. And, the Jersey pound cannot be used elsewhere in the UK!

Interesting facts about Jersey

4. Karl Marx and Jersey… what’s the link?

Believe it or not, the father of the leftist movement, Karl Marx actually has a strange link to Jersey Island! It is believed that it was one of his favorite places in the world to go on holiday! Many people still look for his favorite pub and lodgings on the island to this day.

5. What do people speak on Jersey?

As you can imagine, the official language in Jersey is English. However, there is also a dialect in the area known as Jèrriais, which is still spoken by some natives to this day! Many also speak French. So, as long as you know a bit of one of the three, you’ll be fine!

6. It’s small but easy to cover!

As you can imagine, Jersey is pretty small. In fact, you have to zoom in quite a bit on a map before even seeing it! It is even smaller than Greater London – and to be more precise, it covers an area of 119.5 km squared, or 46 square miles. So, you don’t have to travel far or for long to see the whole island!

7. A king’s exile.

King Charles II was exiled to Jersey Island – and he put his time there to good use! He quickly became the reigning monarch of the island and cited a few colonies in the United States. One, notably, became known as New Jersey!

8. It’s a golfing paradise.

If there’s one activity you should experience on the island, it’s golfing! The island has no less than six different golf courses spread out across the island – and it’s a great way of getting some stunning views as you play.

Jersey Island satellite view

9. Got milk?

We’ve all heard of Jersey cows, right? Well, as you can imagine, they can be found all over the island! And while they all come from this small island, they can now be found worldwide, including in Australia, Asia, the Americas, and more.

10. See, food, get it?!

Jersey is also very well known for its seafood! You can find Jersey crabs, lobsters, and oysters being consumed all over the UK!

Fun facts about Jersey

FAQs about Jersey

Is Jersey Island part of the UK?

Technically speaking, Jersey is part of the British Isles. However, it is not part of the UK! That is to say that the island is not represented in the UK parliament, and parliament cannot legislate for the island.

What is Jersey Island known for?

Jersey island is known for its beautiful beaches, golf clubs, reefs, food, alcohol, and incredible history! However small the area may appear, it has a fascinating history worth looking into!

Can a UK citizen work in Jersey?

Yes, a UK citizen can work in Jersey without a work permit. However, you can only live on the island if you can prove you are an essential employee there, are have an entitled residential status.

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