Interesting facts about Karachi

20 Curious Facts about Karachi

Karachi is one of the busiest cities in Pakistan – an Arabian Sea settlement that’s best known for its transportation. You’ll see planes, boats and more heading in and out of the city – but there’s more to Karachi than just its comings and goings.

Here are some fun facts about Karachi to keep in mind if you ever travel there!

1. It’s a big city that’s not hard to spot!

Karachi is situated on the coast of Pakistan in a province called Sindh. It’s based towards the south of the country and has 2 active seaports on the Arabian Sea.

2. Its population is growing extensively.

The population of Karachi in 2021 was 16,459,000 – a significant increase from the 14.91 million people recorded there in 2017!

3. Descendants of fishermen make up the modern populace.

Karachi was founded in 1729 when visiting fishermen from Makran settled there.

Today, descendants of those early settlers still reside in the area. Their home is near the port of Karachi on a small island called Abdullah Goth.

Quaid-e-Azam memorial

Quaid-e-Azam memorial

4. The name’s changed over the years.

When the city we now call Karachi was founded, it was first known as ‘Kolachi’. The word ‘Karachi’ actually means seaport.

5. Take in a bit of Biryani!

Cuisine in Karachi is well known for being flavorsome and spicy. A popular dish recommended for visitors to try is called Biryani. It has been adopted by people living overseas, too – it’s a style of curry! Simple to make, it is nutritious and often accompanied by rice or vegetables. Biryani is composed of layers of meat, spices, and herbs.

6. Martial arts are massive here.

Karate is a popular martial art and sport in Pakistan. The Okinawa Prefecture Karate Museum opened in Karachi in 1984.

7. Architecture new and old are big deals here.

Karachi is rich in historic buildings, including mosques. It also has modern buildings and a stunning multi-storey structure towering to provide observers with wonderful views of the city. It’s called the Ocean Tower, and has 31 stories – it is a staggering 120 meters tall.

8. What do people speak in Karachi?

The main languages spoken in Karachi are Arabic, English and Urdu.

9. It’s big on conferences, too!

Karachi often sees an influx of visitors eager to attend international conferences and/or training opportunities! Believe it or not, the city plays host to international printing, chemical processing and petroleum conferences.

Ocean Mall, Clifton, Karachi

Ocean Mall, Clifton, Karachi

10. Here’s what you can spend (or save)!

The currency of Pakistan and thus Karachi is the Rupee.

11. It’s a hub for hockey.

Field hockey is massive in Pakistan, and no less in Karachi! The national side claimed three gold Olympic medals over the years in 1960, 1968 and 1984, with the last awarded in Karachi.

12. Education is a very big deal in Karachi.

The University of Karachi was founded in 1951 – and it’s the largest university in Pakistan.

Gate of the University of Karachi

13. As always, the fishing’s fantastic.

Karachi is well-known for its excellent fishing! Lobsters are high on the ‘wanted’ list here, along with green turtles.

Green turtles breed annually by laying eggs on the sandy beach of Karachi. They are – perhaps tragically – highly desired by the people of Indonesia, Korea and China for cooking purposes!

14. It’s intersected by rivers.

Two rivers flow through Karachi – the River Malir, and the River Lyari. However, the Kolri canal also supplies water into the city.

15. Karachi’s live on air.

The first 24-hour radio station in Karachi was formed in 1998 – Mast FM 103!

Hawke's Bay, Karachi

Hawke’s Bay, Karachi

FAQs about Karachi

Who founded Karachi?

On October 19th 1947, Mohammed Ali Jinnah founded Karachi and was known as ‘Father of the Nation’.

Is Karachi safe to visit?

Karachi is an extremely busy metropolis that’s often referred to as a ‘megacity’ - meaning it pays to be careful! Sadly, it does still experience violence and crime regularly, so be sure to take exceptional care.

Is Karachi a rich city?

Karachi is one of Pakistan’s biggest cities for commerce, said to generate around 20% of the country’s GDP, and it’s worth more than $114 billion. The answer’s a yes!

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