Fun Facts about the Leo Star Sign

15 Lively Facts about Leo Star Sign

If you were born between the dates of July 23rd and August 22nd, then you are fortunate enough to call yourself a Leo! Bold and sometimes brash, some of the quieter signs don’t always gel well with the Zodiac lions – but once you have the right people around you, you are fiercely protective of them. Here are some fun facts about Leos to help clue you in on this star sign.

Leo Zodiac Sign: Fast Facts

Birth date: 23 July – 22 August
Zodiac symbol: The Lion
Element: Fire
Modality: Fixed
Ruling planet: The Sun
House: Fifth
Season: Summer
Metal: Gold
Body part: Heart, spine
Stones: mainly peridot, but also carnelian, diamond, onyx, ruby, and sardonyx
Color: Gold, orange, yellow
Tarot card: Strength
Secret wish: To rule the world
Keywords: Creative, cheerful, generous, passionate, fun, drama, romance, attention, strength

1. Leos are fiercely protective.

As mentioned above, Leos are known for being protective. They are incredibly loyal, and nothing will come between them and those they love. They love being providers, too!

2. They are watchers and listeners.

Like the mighty Lion itself watching its prey, Leos are known for being very careful watchers and listeners. They will pick up on things others don’t and notice every single detail.

3. They are ruled by the Sun.

Fittingly, as they have fire signs, Leos are indeed ruled by the Sun. This makes them very energetic people, who tend to burn very bright – but who can have fiery tempers!

Fun facts about Leos Zodiac Star Sign

4. There are many famous Leos.

Being as bold as they are, it should come as no surprise that there are many famously successful Leos! Here are some of the ones you are bound to have heard of: Barack Obama, J.K. Rowling, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Daniel Radcliffe, Sandra Bullock, and more!

5. They’re big collectors of various things.

Leos are very proud of owning things that matter to them, and they tend to enjoy collecting a variety of different items. Be they cars, trading cards, or fine china, you’re bound to find a collection or two in a Leo’s home!

6. It’s a good idea to stay on the good side of a Leo.

You don’t poke a lion with a stick, and you do not pester a Leo! They will pounce pretty much whenever they feel irritated, and you can believe when we say it does not take much to irritate them.

7. Leos aren’t afraid to come out all guns blazing.

Leos are very authoritative and will take command of any situation that needs it. It also means that if they are lashing out at you, they will not hold back. Therefore, we would like to reiterate the “Don’t provoke the Leos” policy!

8. Red is their color.

Since they are ruled by the Sun and are fire signs, Leos are attracted to warm colors – red, in particular, tends to be a firm favorite among Leos.

9. They aim for the top at all costs.

Leos do not do things by half. They will always strive to be the best and do whatever it takes to reach the top at what they do – whether at work or at play. Playing cards or board games with Leos and Geminis can be an adventure!

Facts about Leo Star Sign

10. They have healthy egos.

Leos are known for their pride, and, more often than not, large egos. They know their worth, which is definitely a good thing! However, that pride can sometimes get in the way, so it’s best to try to keep it in check!

11. They can be misunderstood

Many of us already have our preconceptions about Leos. However, a lot of them are very wrong! As loud and proud as Leos are, they are also very sensitive and need protecting, too. They need comfort and to be reminded how valued and loved they are. Without it, they can easily crumble.

12. Some Leos struggle a lot with stress.

Leos are thought to fall prey to stress due to their constant pursuit of the best things in life, and their constant need to be busy. They need to have an end goal and an adventure in place – or life is hardly worth living to them!

13. Don’t try and control a Leo’s finances.

Leos, however, dislike people holding them back. They strongly dislike meanness and strict money measurement. In fact, a Leo is thought to be one of the most generous signs in the whole of the zodiac.

Money Fact

14. Leos are full of beans.

Leos are thought to be full of energy, and many people might find it hard to keep up to them. However, they are extremely friendly, and will not often be quick to make assumptions.

15. Leos generally like keeping themselves occupied.

A Leo is likely to be keeping busy in all that they do. They will always be working towards a major goal. The adage ‘work hard, play hard’ is likely to apply to many Leos, particularly if it means they get to relax in luxury surroundings at the end of it all.

FAQs about Leos

Which star signs are good matches for Leo?

Leos tend to do very well with Geminis, Aquarians, and Libras. Generally speaking, they just need people who can handle them but who do not try to control them.

Which signs do Leo not get on well with?

There are however a few signs that Leos do not match well with. For example, Scorpios, Tauruses, and Capricorns all tend to clash with Leos, and, given how strong they all are, it can easily be a blood bath!

Do Leos make enemies easily?

Yes, Leos can definitely make enemies easily. They can be very intimidating to most, but others simply find them challenging and will happily take them on. It’s never a good idea!

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  • Pharel Dean muwada says:

    1,Leo was born to win. 2,Ruby stone is their protection from evil. 3,Those born 20th their sebastian symbol is mermaid rising to rebirth from the sea

  • justice kirker says:

    I may be a Leo but i do not keep my house dirty. I am very particular about how my stuff looks and my color isn’t red its green. I like nature more than fir but most of this was very true I thought my sign was a bad one and I was supposed to be an angry mean possessive person which isn’t true. This made me feel better about myself, thank you.

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