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18 Lighthearted Facts about Luxembourg

Want to increase your knowledge of the countries of Europe and your chances of being crowned the next pub quiz team winners?  Start by learning these 18 super interesting facts about Luxembourg!

  1. Luxembourg is a landlocked country with a landscape covered in forests and rolling countryside, located in Western Europe.
  2. Its bordering countries are Belgium to the North and West, Germany to the East and France to the South.
  3. It has a total area of 998 square miles (2,586 square kilometres).
Facts of Luxembourg

Flag of Luxembourg

  1. The coordinates for Luxembourg are 49.6000° N, 6.1167°
  2. Luxembourg’s population was only 602,005 in 2018, making it the second least populated country in the European Union! (Only Malta has a smaller population).
  3. The capital is Luxembourg City, which has an area of 20 square miles (51.5 square kilometres) and a population of 94,034 (2011).
  4. The average life expectancy here is 82.69 years (2017).
  5. The currency of Luxembourg is the Euro.
  6. Luxembourg had the 2nd highest GDP per capita in 2011!

Facts about Luxembourg

  1. Between 1982 and 2013 Luxembourg had the lowest unemployment rate in Europe at an amazing 3.3%!
  2. This thriving country is home to RTL, or Radio Television Luxembourg, Europe’s largest radio, television and production company. It controls 34 television channels and 33 radio stations across 12 countries, including Channel 5 in the UK!
  3. Many companies choose to have their European headquarters based here, including Amazon, Paypal, Rakuten and Skype.
  1. It was the first country to be chosen twice as the European Capital of Culture, in both 1995 and 2007!
  2. Luxembourg’s official languages are Luxembourgish (a regional variation on German), French and German.
  3. Luxembourg produces potatoes, barley, oats, wheat and livestock products.

interesting facts about Luxembourg

  1. Its industry consists of iron and steel, banking, food processing and chemicals…
  2. …and exports steel products, machinery and equipment, steel products, rubber products, chemicals and glass.
  3. Want to call family or friends in Luxembourg?  You’ll need to use the international dialling code +352.

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